Ally Financial explores how Generative AI can enhance marketing efficiency

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18/11/2023 News

Ally Financial recently unveiled the preliminary outcomes of an experimental generative AI initiative with its marketing team, shedding light on the platform's potential benefits for campaign development, content creation, and employee productivity.

Throughout the month-long experiment, a selected group of marketers experienced a notable reduction in the time required for content creation and marketing outputs, particularly in the initial stages of the creative process. Tasks like research, first drafts, and naming exercises saw a 2-3 week time savings, resulting in an average 34% reduction in effort compared to traditional processes without AI.

The platform, equipped with a large language model (LLM), showcased its capabilities beyond time savings. Participants developed over 80 prompts, revealing an 87% usefulness rate and highlighting the value of prompt engineering training for teammates. Users reported an 81% prompt accuracy rate, emphasizing the platform's consistency in providing appropriate content or responses for different assignments.

Andrea Brimmer, Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer at Ally, expressed optimism about the results, stating, "The early results demonstrate how AI could enable our talent to focus on creative tasks that needed the most human involvement while speeding up the routine efforts of our day-to-day work."

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21/03/2023 Interview

Ally Tech Labs: the place to build tomorrow’s bank

The experimental program also explored's effectiveness in data analysis, quality controls, and search engine optimization (SEO). The platform's success in these areas reaffirms Ally's commitment to integrating AI into various aspects of its operations, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and supporting enterprise AI capabilities.'s open prompt user interface (UI) enables teammates to engage directly with the secured LLM, creating an environment conducive to creativity and efficiency. The platform's versatility allows users to toggle between chat and prompt mode, adjust parameters, and craft specialized prompts for tasks such as creating first drafts of advertising copy or video scripts.

As Ally continues to explore and leverage generative AI, the financial services industry can anticipate developments in marketing efficiency. is positioned as a transformative tool, demonstrating Ally Financial's commitment to harnessing the potential of AI for enhanced productivity and business optimization.

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