Growth strategies: ESG, AI and corporate governance in a rapidly evolving world

30/11/2023 Interview

Chez FinTech is a specialized advisory, supporting boards and C-suites in the fast-changing digital world and highly regulated turbulent markets – helping challengers to scale and incumbents to innovate. Its Founding Director Lana Tahirly Abdullayeva and Operating Partner Alison Conway shed light on the key challenges facing businesses today and the importance of sound corporate governance for growth.

Lana, what are the biggest challenges you see for businesses today?

There are plenty of issues to be concerned about in the current turbulent market, with rapidly evolving technology and financial sectors, as well as their mutual impact and interdependence. CEOs, boards and C-suites are running complex organizations in a heavily regulated as well as constantly evolving environment. In the past decade we saw the impact and reliance on technology and digital solutions has grown exponentially, and the role of the fintech sector rapidly developed to a level of systemic importance for the wider ecosystem.

I would say ESG and AI are the two most spoken about topics at the moment, and the areas of highest concern, apart of course from the complex geopolitical escalations. In many cases these subjects are addressed in isolation, as stand-alone issues, both by organizations internally and by media externally. Unfortunately, they also are often used on a very superficial level.  

On the contrary, I believe these are fundamental considerations for future success that require a holistic approach, systemic considerations, and synchronized thinking in developing and executing business strategy. 

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