Nubank's Nu Selic Simples: A secure and accessible investment option

Digital Reinvention
05/02/2024 News

Nubank, a global digital financial services platform, introduces Nu Selic Simples, a low-risk investment solution with unique features. The product, developed by Nu Asset, focuses on National Treasury bonds, providing daily liquidity and professional management.

Nu Selic Simples stands out with no maturity date, unlike traditional options. With a majority allocation in National Treasury bonds, it ensures consistent profitability and lower volatility for conservative investors. Accessible to all Nubank customers, the initial investment is 100 reais, with a 0.19% per year administration fee, making it more affordable than similar products.

The product's management by Nu Asset simplifies the investment process, with ongoing bond selections aligned with the product's purpose. Unlike bonds with maturity dates, Nu Selic Simples remains open-ended, as Nu Asset manages and renews the assets.

Andrés Kikuchi, Nu Asset Management's executive director, emphasizes the commitment to expanding the portfolio for clients. The characteristics of Nu Selic Simples include daily liquidity, consistent profitability, and a lower initial investment requirement compared to alternatives like Tesouro Selic.

In conclusion, Nu Selic Simples offers an accessible and secure investment option tied to Brazil's basic interest rate. With daily liquidity, low risk, and Nu Asset's expertise, it provides a compelling choice for investors seeking consistency and peace of mind in their financial endeavors.

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