Allianz launches SAMEpath dashboard for net zero transition

19/02/2024 News

Allianz has introduced SAMEpath, a dynamic tool designed to track transition pathways to Net Zero emissions. SAMEpath offers detailed analysis for over 50 industries worldwide, outlining the emission reductions and investments necessary to achieve the 1.5°C Net Zero commitments set forth in the Paris Agreement.

Led by Ludovic Subran, Chief Economist at Allianz SE, SAMEpath aims to support stakeholders in their efforts to secure a sustainable future. By consolidating existing climate models into one comprehensive dashboard, SAMEpath provides valuable insights into economic developments and transition risks across different climate scenarios.

Users can conduct customized searches to compare variables, regions, and scenarios, informing decision-making and investments. The Risk Assessment feature identifies climate transition risks for various sectors, while the Abatement Cost Curves subsection explores emission reductions and associated carbon prices.

Described as a "living tool," SAMEpath is open-source and ready for integration into projects. With its ability to inform long-term business decisions and investments, SAMEpath serves as a valuable resource in the global transition towards Net Zero emissions.

Allianz SAMEpath can be found here

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