NewTech Friday: Wajenzi – Connecting European investors with African startups

SME Banking
01/03/2024 Interview
profile picture of Alain Nkurikiye

Alain Nkurikiye


Founder and CEO

Continuing our series showcasing the startups selected for the LHOFT 2023 CATAPULT: Inclusion Africa program, this week we turn the spotlight on Wajenzi. This pioneering digital marketplace unlocks the vastly untapped potential of the African market, offering benefits for startups and investors alike. Wajenzi’s Founder and CEO Alain Nkurikiye explains how the platform empowers African startups to access patient capital while offering European investors diverse opportunities for portfolio growth and impactful investment.

What led to the creation of Wajenzi?

Wajenzi is a groundbreaking stock exchange, bridging the investment gap between Africa and Europe. While 80% of African SMEs struggle to secure financing, Europe's retail investors often miss out on promising African opportunities.

Africa, accounting for just 1% of the global stock market, is a vastly untapped resource. Wajenzi changes that narrative, empowering African startups to raise patient capital from European retail investors. We provide a unique gateway for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios while supporting Africa's entrepreneurial spirit.

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