Unveiling efficient organizational models for ESG and sustainability in financial institutions

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28/02/2024 Study

"Change needs to happen – and fast. ESG needs to evolve from a strategy framework dictated by a single centralized team into a companywide approach where sustainability values shape every department, every product, and every business decision."

Adlen Bouchenafa, Partner and Director of Sustainability at TNP Consultants

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, ESG and sustainability have emerged as pivotal elements reflecting an organization’s commitment to ethical and responsible practices.

This commitment extends beyond mere profitability, encompassing the broader impact of an organization’s operations on society, the environment, and its stakeholders. Financial institutions, as key players in the global economic ecosystem, navigate a complex web of considerations in shaping their ESG and sustainability strategies and tailor their organizational models to meet the specific priorities and stakeholder expectations.

This research project examines the organizational models that leading financial institutions adopt for ESG and sustainability, recognizing the need for flexibility in response to dynamic contexts. Leadership commitment, dedicated resources, stakeholder engagement, ESG risk management, and transparent reporting are pivotal for successful ESG implementation.

We tried to distil best practices from financial institutions’ ESG models, emphasizing alignment with organizational vision, values, and long-term sustainability goals. By providing insights into diverse approaches, this paper aims to guide financial institutions in navigating the evolving landscape of CSR and sustainability, offering a roadmap for successful implementation.

Interviews made for this report

21/08/2023 Interview

Unveiling efficient organizational models for CSR and sustainability: ABN AMRO

An interview with Tjeerd Krumpelman, Global Head of Reporting, Regulations & Stakeholder Management of ABN AMRO, shed light on their...

25/09/2023 Interview

Unveiling efficient organizational models for CSR and sustainability: Mobilize Financial Services

Mallika Mathur Lheritier, Group Chief Transformation & Sustainability Officer at Mobilize Financial Services, offers an illuminating glimpse into their effective...

28/08/2023 Interview

Unveiling efficient organizational models for CSR and Sustainability: National Bank of Kuwait

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has developed a comprehensive approach to addressing sustainability, ESG and climate-related matters within its...

19/10/2023 Interview

Unveiling efficient organizational models for CSR and sustainability: SpareBank 1 SR-Bank

Guro Elgheim Sivertsen, Sustainability Director at SpareBank 1 SR-Bank, provides insights into their comprehensive approach to sustainability, ESG integration and...

06/11/2023 Interview

Unveiling efficient organizational models for CSR and sustainability: TBC Bank

TBC Bank in Georgia takes a holistic approach to ESG, interweaving sustainability into every aspect of the bank’s operations. Maka...

16/11/2023 Interview

Unveiling efficient organizational models for CSR and sustainability: UNEP FI’s insights

David Carlin, Head of Climate Risk and TCFD at UNEP FI, engages with key insights on the organizational models employed...

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