Inside the panel: Nathalie Erdmanis takes on Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards

11/03/2024 Interview
profile picture of Nathalie Erdmanis

Nathalie Erdmanis

AG Insurance

Director of Sustainability

Nathalie Erdmanis, Director of Sustainability at AG Insurance & Ageas, will be on our panel of judges for the Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards 2024. She tells us about her expectations and gives some advice to future participants.

Tell us more about yourself and your role at AG Insurance & Ageas.

I am Nathalie Erdmanis, and I’ve been working as Director of Sustainability at AG Insurance & Ageas since a few years – after having worked as Director of Strategic Marketing for five years at AG. My role, with my team, is to leverage and embrace sustainability in our core businesses: as an insurer (via our products and services offer), as an employer (DEI, well-being at work), as an investor, and as a responsible company (CSRD, regulations, CO2 neutrality).

What do you see as the key trends in insurance this year?

I would highlight trends that are supporting the ‘sustainable’ side of insurance, such as green mobility, sustainable housing, well-being (mental & physical health), and savings.

What kind of innovative projects would you like to see submitted this year?

I hope to discover new innovative proposals that are more inclusive for helping people in these difficult crisis periods, including post-Covid, the energy crisis, conflicts, wars and natural disasters. This could involve providing more inclusivity for those who can't always afford insurance, while also offering relevant insurance proposals to give the majority of people more 'peace of mind,' especially considering the increase in natural disasters.

You have read many innovation submissions. What do you look for in a winning entry? And what qualities have stood out for you in previous innovation entries?

To have a viable business case that answers relevant current needs for the majority of people. And being relevant, accessible, easy to understand, transparent and affordable for the majority of people.

What is the one tip you have for those preparing innovation entries this year?

Being smart, clear and to the point, with a clear ‘unique selling proposition’ to convince the jury!

Submit your innovations!

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