Fidelity Bank launches ANDI, a digital banking solution for Louisiana communities

Digital Reinvention
20/03/2024 News

In a move to meet the changing needs of customers in today’s digital era, Fidelity Bank, a longstanding Louisiana-based institution, has introduced ANDI, its new digital banking division. ANDI, short for “A New Day In Banking,” offers a range of digital financial services tailored to customers across the state who may not have easy access to a physical branch.

Chris Ferris, President & CEO at Fidelity Bank, expressed the bank’s commitment to adapting to customer preferences: “Fidelity Bank established ANDI to meet the evolving needs and preferences of customers in today’s digital age.” With many communities facing bank consolidations and closures, ANDI aims to bridge the gap and provide accessible digital banking services, empowering customers to bank anytime, anywhere.

ANDI offers a suite of services including debit accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, and personal loans, along with financial wellness solutions such as account aggregation, wish list management, and rewards programs. Powered by Helix, a cloud-based core solution, ANDI delivers a seamless and user-friendly banking experience.

Fidelity Bank, founded in 1908 with a mission to serve Louisiana residents, has continuously evolved to meet the demands of its customers. Recognizing the growing preference for digital banking, Fidelity created ANDI to expand its reach into new markets, including students and underserved communities, while also providing enhanced financial literacy resources.

Ahon Sarkar, general manager of Helix by Q2, emphasized the importance of accessibility in financial services: “We’re excited to partner with Fidelity Bank to bring their vision of ANDI to life and make financial services more accessible to college students and underserved communities across Louisiana.”

Randy Baker, COO at Fidelity Bank, highlighted the collaborative effort between Fidelity and Helix by Q2: “Collaborating with Helix by Q2, we are navigating the frontier of financial technology, where innovation is redefining the banking experience and driving a future of bank core customization and customer satisfaction.”

As Fidelity Bank continues its journey into the digital banking landscape, ANDI represents a commitment to providing innovative solutions that simplify the financial lives of customers and ensure banking services are within reach for all Louisiana communities.

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