Akbank LAB unveils revamped innovation center for Entrepreneurship Week

Digital Reinvention
01/04/2024 News

Akbank recently launched its renovated innovation hub, Akbank LAB, as part of Entrepreneurship Week. Burcu Civelek Yüce, Deputy General Manager of Retail Banking and Digital Solutions, hosted the event, emphasizing the bank's dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Yüce highlighted Akbank's engagement with over 700 tech startups in 2023, introducing pioneering solutions in areas like IoT and wearable payments. She expressed Akbank LAB's commitment to evolving into a global innovation and entrepreneurship hub.

The center's agenda for 2024 includes developing fintech solutions, exploring new digital offerings, and fostering innovative business models. Yüce stressed the importance of collaboration with a diverse ecosystem to drive innovation.

Akbank LAB embraces the Venture Client model, accelerating product development and yielding successful innovation projects. Yüce underscored the program's role in encouraging internal entrepreneurship through initiatives like Akbank+.

Reflecting on 2023, Yüce highlighted Akbank's initiatives in disaster response, social innovation, and support for startups through programs like Boost The Future with Endeavor.

Yüce also discussed Akbank Ventures, the bank's $100 million corporate venture capital arm, focusing on global investments in startups and venture capital funds.

Looking ahead, Akbank LAB will prioritize blockchain and AI projects to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience, affirming the bank's commitment to a human-centered transformation.

The unveiling of Akbank LAB signifies a significant step in Akbank's journey toward fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, aligning with its vision to be a leader in the global fintech landscape.

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