On the road to insurance Global Innovator 2024: Grupo Ageas Portugal

01/03/2024 Interview

Why do you consider your company a Global Innovator?

Grupo Ageas Portugal stands out as an Innovative player due to its approach in three key areas: culture of innovation, customer focus, and startup collaboration. This includes empowering internal innovation through programs like intra-entrepreneurship and engaging with startups via venture capital fund and open innovation programs. While having a corporate foundation with impact investment on social projects and creating a nationwide association focused on health prevention and cancer detection.

The company not only encourages innovation but integrates it into its corporate identity. By fostering an environment that values creativity and experimentation, Grupo Ageas Portugal empowers its employees to develop solutions that exceed market expectations. This innovative culture is upheld by dedicated leadership at all levels, driving strategic goals and resource allocation.

The company understands that consumer needs are constantly evolving, therefore it invests in agile research and analysis methods to capture valuable insights into customer preferences and demands, allowing Grupo Ageas Portugal to adapt its products and services quickly and effectively, ensuring a customer-centric experience.

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