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12/06/2024 Article

Conferences reveal the industry's state of mind in real time, and FT's "Future of the Car" event showed the pressure and pain of Transition. After significant hype about electromobility and ADAS / Autonomous Driving, fed by cheap money, reality is catching up with AutoMobility on a number of fronts. Chinese competitors have embraced the challenges of Electromobility and Software early and vigorously, prompting US and Europe into a defensive stance raising taxes. European radical action, e.g. through co-development of vehicles between Renault and VW, seems to make sense, but proves to be a challenge. At the same time, OEMs' Value Strategies are questioned by courts challenging OEM control on A/S (after-sales) through gateways. A/S costs bringing a further hurdle for EV / Digital transition: high component costs, limited repairability and fledgling A/S set-ups make repairs slow and costly, increasing insurance premiums. So the EV / Digital transition is still bringing more pain than gain, and lots of problems to be solved.

We look forward to seeing you on June 18 for the Qorus-CVA Mobility Community's next online event 'Electrifying the future: Navigating insurance and financial landscapes in the era of electric vehicles'. Register now.

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