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Corporate Value Associates is a Global Strategy Boutique supporting market leaders in creating value through its customer-centric approach.


The founding vision for CVA was to create a consulting firm that retained the agility and culture of a small firm, while being able to operate at the highest levels with major global clients, based on the overarching principle that all value ultimately comes from the end customer.

We believe that a business thrives if it continually creates more and more value for its customers through the strategies it follows, the products and services it sells, and the way it organises its operations.

We also believe that, in markets undergoing disruption, understanding what customers really value provides a crucial anchor when decisions with long-term consequences must be taken in the face of considerable uncertainty.

As a result, a deep understanding of what customers value is at the heart of everything we do and shapes the way we think.

Over the last three decades, CVA has grown from a start-up with only 3 office locations to a mature global business with 16 offices around the world, but remains true to this original customer-centric vision.

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