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23/05/2023 Article
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Mobility has become a priority for Qorus members whether they are bankers or insurers. That's why Qorus dedicates different events and contents to this topic. The next step: the launch of a dedicated community in partnership with CVA.

Mobility has always been an important theme for insurers managing car insurance. But their role is changing. First, because insurance companies no longer want to be seen as the ones who pay the claims when the car is damaged. They want to be seen by their policyholders as an everyday life partner. This often translates into the use of telematics to track policyholders and monitor their driving to give them safety tips, as well as lower rates when customers drive safely. Second, because mobility is changing. What used to be a trip in the car will evolve into a more complex trip that will include public transport, soft mobility or carsharing. The insured who travels differently will also have to be insured differently.

26 May 2023
26/05/2023 Coffee

The future of mobility in financial services

According to the World Property and Casualty Insurance Report by Capgemini and Qorus, today’s consumers and regulators are placing heightened attention on sustainability, as policyholders worldwide indicate an interest in and support for connected and alternative energy vehicles (66%) and autonomous vehicles (49%). While consumers are not yet willing to replace their personal vehicles in the short term, there is an increased desire to add new mobility options. The research shows that adoption of micro-mobility, shared vehicles and multi-modal transportation solutions among urban customers will double from 29% today to 58% in 2025. The report also finds this changing customer behavior is expected to drive premiums for ACES vehicles to grow eightfold from USD 0.07 trillion to USD 0.57 trillion by 2030. This study will be presented at the Reinvent Forum in Milan on 14 June.

The role of banks in mobility is less obvious, and yet they are more and more interested in this subject. "We have placed mobility at the heart of our development projects," said Thierry Laborde, Chief Operating Officer at BNP Paribas, in a public statement in October 2022. The objective of banks is twofold: to help implement a more sustainable mobility and to create new sources of revenue. BNP Paribas Group has set itself the goal of generating an additional €1 billion in revenue through its transversal mobility initiatives by 2025. 

For this reason, Qorus is launching a community dedicated to mobility in partnership with CVA. Open to bankers and insurers active in the transformation of mobility, this community is also open to other players such as OEM captive finance companies. The community will be launched on 26 May during a webinar featuring speakers from Tesla, ALD Automotive, CA Auto Bank and Generali. The event will be co-hosted by Markus Collet, Partner at CVA. Markus will also speak at the Reinvent Forum in Milan on 14 June.

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