• 14 Jun 2023
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  • 16 Jun 2023

Wednesday 9:00 AM to Friday 1:00 PM


Reinvent Forum Milan

Banking & Insurance Innovation Convergence

Find out if ChatGPT is smarter than a human?

Explore sustainability trends for the financial industry for 2023

Master your knowledge of building a digital payement ecosystem

Celebrate best projects at the SME AWARD 2023 ceremony

Exchange ideas for best practices in approaching Customer Centricity

Listen to Insurance Digital Transformation case studies


Logo of Banca Widiba Logo of Intesa Sanpaolo Logo of DBS Bank Singapore Logo of BBVA Logo of Société Générale International Banking and Financial Services Logo of VIG - Vienna Insurance Group Logo of BPER Banca Logo of Chubb Logo of Logo of AideXa Logo of Komercni banka Logo of Commerzbank Logo of Wallet Factory Logo of Fabrick - Banca Sella Logo of Zing Cover Logo of Kuwait International Bank Logo of Neohub, DenizBank Group Logo of MDS Corretor de Seguros Logo of Bradesco Seguros Logo of Logo of Dynamo Cover Logo of Logo of Isybank by Intesa Sanpaolo


profile picture of Gianluca Soma

Gianluca Soma

SG - Societe Generale Group

Head of International Retail Banking for Europe

profile picture of Pedro Leite

Pedro Leite


Head of Partnerships

profile picture of Camila Serna

Camila Serna


EVP, Global Head of Digital Acceleration

profile picture of Jack de Mooij

Jack de Mooij


Director SME

profile picture of Federico Sforza

Federico Sforza



profile picture of Jitendra Tekchandani

Jitendra Tekchandani

DBS Bank Singapore

Executive Director, MarTech and Cognitive Banking

profile picture of Margus Simson

Margus Simson

Komercni banka

Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Member of the Board

profile picture of Zubair Ahmed

Zubair Ahmed


Chief Industry Officer

profile picture of Roberto Ferrari

Roberto Ferrari


Digital Reinvention Community Lead

profile picture of Gian Battista Baa'

Gian Battista Baa'

Intesa Sanpaolo

Head of Digital Payments and Services

profile picture of Alvaro Gavino

Alvaro Gavino


Behavioral Economics Principal Manager

profile picture of Bruno Scaroni

Bruno Scaroni


Group Chief Transformation Officer, member of the Group Management Committee

profile picture of Sarah Kocianski

Sarah Kocianski


Embedded Insurance Community Leader

profile picture of Katharina Haack

Katharina Haack


Product Owner

profile picture of Ed Gaze

Ed Gaze

IRL (Innovative Risk Labs)


profile picture of Mikhail Miro

Mikhail Miro

Wallet Factory

CEO & Co-founder

profile picture of Rob Korzinek

Rob Korzinek

Zing Cover

CEO & Co-founder

profile picture of Thomas Nokin

Thomas Nokin



profile picture of Emmanuel Methivier

Emmanuel Methivier

Crédit Agricole Store

Chief Executive Officer

profile picture of Benoit Ranini

Benoit Ranini

TNP Consultants


profile picture of Matteo Bonati

Matteo Bonati


Vice President - Capgemini Italy Insurance Director

profile picture of Mohamed El-Shareef

Mohamed El-Shareef

Kuwait International Bank

General Manager- Digital Transformation and Innovation

profile picture of Ken Burke

Ken Burke


SME Banking Community Chairman & Senior Advisor

profile picture of Gurhan Cam

Gurhan Cam

Neohub, DenizBank Group

Founder and CEO

profile picture of Roberta Zurlo

Roberta Zurlo

Banca Widiba

Chief Commercial Officer

profile picture of John Berry

John Berry



profile picture of Oliver Kenton

Oliver Kenton


Chief Creative Officer

profile picture of FIlippo Mastropietro

FIlippo Mastropietro


EY Italy Banking & Capital Markets Leader, Financial Services and EY EMEIA Financial Services Banking Transformation Leader

profile picture of Antonio Valitutti

Antonio Valitutti

Isybank by Intesa Sanpaolo

Amministratore delegato

profile picture of Georgi Tzvetanov-Meyer

Georgi Tzvetanov-Meyer

VIG - Vienna Insurance Group

Product Manager Bancassurance

profile picture of Elena Leonardi

Elena Leonardi


Head of Banking Group Sustainability

profile picture of Kate Casey

Kate Casey

Irish Life Ireland

Marketing Lead, MyLife App and Wellbeing

profile picture of Giacomo Lovati

Giacomo Lovati

Unipol Assicurazioni

Chief Beyond Insurance Officer

profile picture of Giuseppe Conte

Giuseppe Conte

Banca Widiba

Head of Customer Experience

profile picture of Miguel Azevedo

Miguel Azevedo

MDS Corretor de Seguros

Project Manager

profile picture of Francisco Alexandre Magalhaes

Francisco Alexandre Magalhaes

MDS Corretor de Seguros

Project Manager

profile picture of Maurice Lisi

Maurice Lisi

BPER Banca

Head of Digital Business

profile picture of Fernando Mendonca

Fernando Mendonca

Bradesco Seguros

Innovation General Manager

profile picture of Fan Yang

Fan Yang


Head of European Solution Dept, Global Digital Finance

profile picture of Maurizio Mannini

Maurizio Mannini


Head of Group Bancassurance Management

profile picture of Ennio Calzone

Ennio Calzone

Banca Widiba

Head of Communication and Customer Acquisition

profile picture of Manuel Heuer

Manuel Heuer



profile picture of Charith Mendis

Charith Mendis

Amazon Web Services

Head of Worldwide Banking Industry

profile picture of Alberto Mussinatto

Alberto Mussinatto

Fabrick - Banca Sella

Strategy & Business Development Analyst

profile picture of Julien Defosse

Julien Defosse

Amazon Web Services

AWS - worldwide banking lead

profile picture of Giulia Abello

Giulia Abello

TNP Italia

Managing Director

profile picture of Jenine Zachar

Jenine Zachar

Standard Bank

Head Value Propositions & Client Experience; Business & Commercial Banking SA

profile picture of Francesco Dal Piaz

Francesco Dal Piaz


Country Manager Italy and Spain

profile picture of Dr. Federico Aguggini

Dr. Federico Aguggini

Intesa Sanpaolo

Head of Ai Transformation


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Piazza Tre Torri, 1

20159 Milano

MI, Italy


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