• 27 Sep 2023

Wednesday 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


Revolutionizing the auto industry: exploring the transformative effects of distribution changes on financing, insurance, and leasing


The automotive sector is experiencing swift changes, largely propelled by technological advancements, evolving consumer preferences, and emerging business strategies. It is vital for financial institutions to comprehend and respond to these transformations - as new distribution models arise, new financing and insurance prospects, as well as potential risks, emerge. Financial institutions need to be flexible enough to adapt to these market shifts and generate innovative financing and insurance services that cater to the evolving requirements of customers in the automotive sector.

Furthermore, since leasing and financing are fundamental aspects of the automotive industry, financial institutions must also adjust to the current scenario. They must offer insurance products that can accommodate changing circumstances, ensuring that customers have appropriate coverage while simultaneously mitigating risks. Wondering how best to accomplish this? Join our event to learn more!


Speaking institutions

Logo of CA Auto Bank Logo of Corporate Value Associates Logo of Ulity (Santander Consumer Finance)


profile picture of Amelia Bradley

Amelia Bradley

Corporate Value Associates

Associate Partner – Automobility Platform

profile picture of Juan Manuel Pino Dronet

Juan Manuel Pino Dronet

CA Auto Bank

Group Head of Sales, Marketing & CSR

profile picture of Jose Ignacio Puente

Jose Ignacio Puente

Ulity (Santander Consumer Finance)

Chief Executive Officer

profile picture of Ludger Reffgen

Ludger Reffgen

Formerly SVP Stellantis Free2move Lease, Opel Lease, GE Auto Service Leasing

profile picture of Markus Collet

Markus Collet

Corporate Value Associates


profile picture of Patrick Schiebel

Patrick Schiebel

Corporate Value Associates

Senior Manager


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