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Open Finance
30/09/2022 Interview

NewTech Friday : TreasurUp – Moving banks up

Niels van Daatselaar is the CEO and Co-Founder of TreasurUp. The Dutch fintech firm increases banks’ value proposition by renewing their online commercial banking offering.

Sustainability & Regulation
29/09/2022 Interview

Platform economy: how to ensure sustainable growth for both platforms and workers?

Vanessa Brosseau is Legal & Regulatory Director at Indeez, a French insurtech that provides usage-based income protections, directly embedded into...

Open Finance
23/09/2022 Interview

NewTech Friday: Oper – Enabling digital mortgages

Geert Van Kerckhoven is the CEO and Co-Founder of Oper, a Dutch fintech that is reinventing mortgage lending. He tells...

Digital Reinvention
22/09/2022 Interview

Metaverse: One must have a long-term vision

Roberto Ferrari, the Lead of Qorus’ Digital Reinvention Community (a thriving community centered around the sharing of insights, with events,...

Open Finance
16/09/2022 Interview

NewTech Friday: Credi2 – Offering a white label BNPL solution

Christian C. Waldheim is the Co-CEO of Credi2. He tells Qorus more about this Austrian fintech startup and its banking-as-a-service...

09/09/2022 Interview

NewTech Friday: Mambu – Delivering great modern financial experiences

Mambu offers a cloud banking platform to financial institutions to help them build sustainable financial products quickly and cost-effectively to...

Digital Reinvention
07/09/2022 Interview

The transformative effects of AI: Banorte

Olga Ceja is the head of Innovation and Transformation at Banorte. She tells us how the Mexican bank is using...

02/09/2022 Interview

NewTech Friday: Qure.Finance – Teaching to invest like the best

Qure.Finance is helping the next generation of traders build life-changing wealth. CPO and Co-Founder Stan Hoody tells us about the...


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