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Digital Reinvention
05/10/2022 Video

Real Estate Tokenization: The future of real estate investment?

Jean-Marc Jacobson is the co-founder of U.S. fintech RealT. He came to visit us at the Qorus office to explain what real estate tokenization is and why it should become the future of real estate investment.

Digital Reinvention
03/10/2022 Video

Qorus Digital Reinvention Community appoints Chairperson

One year after its launch, the Digital Transformation Community is glad to announce the appointment of its Chairperson – Renata...

Sustainability & Regulation
29/09/2022 Video

Platform economy: how to ensure sustainable growth for both platforms and workers?

Vanessa Brosseau is Legal & Regulatory Director at Indeez, a French insurtech that provides usage-based income protections, directly embedded into...

Digital Reinvention
15/09/2022 Video

Hyper-personalization in the life and health insurance industry

Peter Ohnemus explores what the FIHR framework is, how it’s hyper personalization could change people’s lives, the new opportunities that...

SME Banking
29/08/2022 Video

The future of SMEs: The road to 2050

Dave Coplin was Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft before founding his own company: The Envisioners. He presents us his vision...

08/07/2022 Video

2022 Innovation in Insurance Awards Ceremeony replay

Qorus and Accenture announced the winners of the seventh annual Innovation in Insurance Awards during a virtual ceremony on 15...

31/01/2022 Video

Barış İnan (Anadolu Sigorta): Digital transformation in an insurance company

Barış İnan - Manager, Digital Insurance and Customer Communications at Anadolu Sigorta has joined us for our online meeting on...

Digital Reinvention
31/12/2021 Video

Denizbank: Come on Banks, enjoy your last minutes on the stage..!

Gürhan Çam - Founder CEO of Neohub, DenizBank's fintech subsidiary has joined us for our very first online meeting on...


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