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31/01/2022 Video

Barış İnan (Anadolu Sigorta): Digital transformation in an insurance company

Barış İnan - Manager, Digital Insurance and Customer Communications at Anadolu Sigorta has joined us for our online meeting on the occasion of sharing the results of the Digital Transformation Observatory survey. Listen to his insights and experiences in this short video recording of his speech.

Digital Reinvention
31/12/2021 Video

Denizbank: Come on Banks, enjoy your last minutes on the stage..!

Gürhan Çam - Founder CEO of Neohub, DenizBank's fintech subsidiary has joined us for our very first online meeting on...

19/12/2021 Video

Paolo Barbesino (Emirates NBD): Transform yourself, yes, but radically.

Paolo Barbesino - SVP & Head of Multichannel Banking at Emirates NBD has joined us for our online meeting on...

19/11/2021 Video

2021 Efma-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards Highlights

What do insurers need to focus on to be exceptional in 2021 and beyond? The recent Efma-Accenture Innovation in Insurance...

Digital Reinvention
01/10/2021 Video

PKO Bank Polski: How to transform a 100 year old bank into a digital challenger

Szymon Walach - Managing Director Strategy and Digital Transformation Division at PKO Bank Polski has joined us for our very...

Digital Reinvention
29/09/2021 Video

RCBC: Digital transformation is a matter for top management

Lito Villanueva - EVP & Chief Innovation & Inclusion Officer, Digital Entreprise & Innovations Group Head at RCBC has joined...

28/09/2021 Video

FinTechVisor NewTech Challenge 2021 replay

The 2021 Financial NewTech Challenge ceremony took place on Tuesday, September 28th. Hosted by Efma’s Worldwide Program Director Philippe van...

Digital Reinvention
20/09/2021 Video

Standard Bank: From a financial services organization to a platform business

Rod Poole - Chief Change and Business Transformation Officer at Standard Bank has joined us for our very first online...


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