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14 Jun 2023
16 Jun 2023
14/06/2023 Conference

Reinvent Forum Milan

Join us for the Reinvent Forum in Milan on 14-16 June - the must-attend event for senior professionals from the financial services industry. Over the course of three days, we put together the perfect program to guide you through the emerging trends in the financial industry and allow you to...

27 Jun 2023
27/06/2023 Webinar

Balancing human and digital

This webinar will explore Qorus-Avanade research into how human touch builds customer trust and being truly human in your banking...

28 Jun 2023
28/06/2023 Coffee

From owning vehicles to using vehicles: growing financing needs

The traditional model of car ownership is rapidly evolving, as consumers seek greater flexibility and convenience in their transportation choices....

SME Banking
04 Jul 2023
04/07/2023 Coffee

Seeding success: Unveiling the future of agribanking

The online session will open a summer season dedicated to interview series and a research paper on Agribanking trends and...


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Previous events

Sustainability & Regulation
06 Jun 2023
06/06/2023 Coffee

Latest Trends & Innovations in Climate Risk Management

“Climate change presents significant financial risks” according to leading regulators and they demand banks to take actions accordingly. What are...

01 Jun 2023
01/06/2023 Webinar

Innovation in Retail Banking 2023

The 14th edition of the ‘Innovation in Retail Banking’ report involved senior executives from over 650 global banks and financial...

SME Banking
30 May 2023
30/05/2023 Coffee

SME banking transformation: the 5 step journey to adjust transformation into disruption

We will dive into the different aspects of digital transformation and the next steps considering the impact of recent global...

26 May 2023
26/05/2023 Coffee

The future of mobility in financial services

Join the inaugural event of our Mobility community, which will explore how mobility is set to shape the future of...

18 May 2023
18/05/2023 Webinar

CBDC: Opportunities and challenges for banks

A large number of central banks are conducting research on CBDC either as POCs or desktop studies. Dialogue between central...

09 May 2023
09/05/2023 Webinar

World Property and Casualty Insurance Report 2023

The mobility market evolution poses challenges and opportunities for Property and Casualty insurers. The automotive industry strives for a triple-zero...

08 May 2023
12 May 2023
08/05/2023 Learning expedition

Learning Expedition in Spain

Learning Expedition in Barcelona and Madrid