• 16 Oct 2024
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  • 17 Oct 2024

Wednesday 8:00 AM to Thursday 2:00 PM (UTC+04)


Reinvent Forum Dubai

Transformative leap into the future: Supporting financial institutions to deliver growth

The cutting-edge event Reinvent Forum Dubai is designed with a primary emphasis on steering the digital transformation within the financial sector. 

  • It brings together industry leaders, seasoned experts, and forward-thinking innovators.
  • The primary goal is to explore the latest trends and strategies in enhancing customer experience through innovative digital projects.
  • The conference serves as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Attendees can expect deep insights into the evolving landscape of banking.
  • The event aims to catalyze a paradigm shift in the way financial services are conceptualized, developed, and delivered.

Practical information


For speaking inquiries, please email kristina@qorusglobal.com


For sponsorship inquiries, please email phillippe@qorusglobal.com

Press & Media

For press inquiries, please email marketing@qorusglobal.com

What you can expect

Collaboration Platform

Leading figures, experts, and innovators converge to drive the digital transformation of the financial sector

Evolving Landscape Insights

Attendees gain insights into the evolving banking landscape, exploring challenges and opportunities in the digital transformation journey

Customer Experience Focus

The event aims to enhance customer experience through groundbreaking digital projects

Comprehensive Discussions

Topics include integrating technologies, adopting innovative business models, and reimagining traditional banking processes

Future of Finance

Participants engage in discussions shaping the future of finance, ensuring a holistic understanding of digital revolution complexities

Networking Hub

The conference fosters connections and potential partnerships beyond its duration, driving collaborative initiatives in the financial sector

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