• 24 Mar 2022

Thursday 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Efma Customer-centricity Benchmark: Improving customer trust and sales


Many organizations claim to be customer-centric but display classic product-centric behavior causing failure to build customer trust and loyalty. Often they treat customer-centricity as just another project in their digital transformation programme. It’s not that simple. To sustain revenue growth by improving customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty requires cultural, behavioral, and process change in addition to their new digital capabilities.

As a result, it’s often difficult for executives to understand where they are on their customer-centricity journey and where they need to focus and invest to optimize results.

Smarter Way Mentors have consistently delivered customer-centric change for global financial services organizations over the past 30 years and built up a library of realistic and implementable proven best practices.

In this webinar, John Berry will interview Carlos Wanderley (Smarter Way Mentors) and Vivian Imoh-Ita (Union Bank of Nigeria) about their experience of transforming an underperforming division into an award-winning customer-centric digital retail bank, providing insight into the barriers they had to overcome and the best practices they used.



profile picture of Carlos Wanderley

Carlos Wanderley

Smarter Way Mentors


profile picture of Vivian Imoh-Ita

Vivian Imoh-Ita

Union Bank of Nigeria

Head of Retail Segments and Products

profile picture of John Berry

John Berry





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