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14/12/2022 coffee

Virtual NewTech Challenge ceremony: Payments 

Starting in September 2022, Qorus and Capgemini joined forces to create Open Banking community.  Every successful community needs to have a benchmark, which is why we are launching the first cycle of our challenge focusing on Payments. These specialized awards will highlight the most innovative players in the payments world and will help institutions position themselves as innovation leaders while showcasing their groundbreaking projects.

The exposure of open banking is intensely transforming all traditional banking services. Payments is not an exception. How is open banking changing the payments landscape worldwide? How to offer the latest payment options to your customers? How can open finance help in a cost-of-living crisis? How to find the right partner? Together with open banking and fintech ecosystem frontrunners we will try to uncover how open banking payments are developing and being challenged.

During this event, we announce the winners of the Qorus-Capgemini NewTech Challenge in Payments category as we will hear success stories from finalists and have a chance to showcase the best practices in the world of payments. 

Contest timeline

  • Nomination

    Internal committee identified top-notch paytechs which were invited to enter for the chance to showcase their most impactful projects.

  • Voting

    Voting will take place online via dedicated voting page between Friday 2nd December and Friday 9th December 2022.

  • Ceremony

    There will be a total of 3 winners in Payments category: gold, silver and bronze winner.




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