• 23 Mar 2023

Thursday 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM

Best Practices In Open Insurance / Qorus - Capgemini NewTech Challenge Virtual Ceremony

Open Finance

Open Finance is expanding beyond payments and banking as financial services companies in other areas embrace the potential open APIs, and open data more broadly, present.

In particular, the insurance industry has started to take note of the value of open finance. For example, incumbents and startups are accessing customer data in real-time to create dynamic, personalised policies, especially in the field of mobility. And they are not doing that alone, there is a whole other group of technology companies that are sourcing and cleaning that data, and helping insurers utilise it to develop bespoke products and services for their customers.

At this event, we will be exploring best practices in the field of open finance in insurance, as well as naming some of the most innovative companies operating in this space. 


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profile picture of Sarah Kocianski

Sarah Kocianski


Embedded Insurance Community Leader

profile picture of Ed Gaze

Ed Gaze

IRL (Innovative Risk Labs)


profile picture of Marcin Kurczab

Marcin Kurczab


Director of Innovation

profile picture of Anna Kościuczuk

Anna Kościuczuk


Innovation Expert

profile picture of Luca Russignan

Luca Russignan


Head of Insurance, Capgemini Research Institute for Financial Services

profile picture of Angelo Di Rocco

Angelo Di Rocco


Group Business Development & Partnerships Manager


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