• 23 May 2024

Thursday 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM (CEST)


Technology-driven sustainable synergy: Maximizing the impact of green finance and IT solutions


Explore the synergistic integration of diverse ESG technologies, IT solutions, and green finance in shaping the global landscape of sustainability initiatives. Within this innovative convergence, cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence intersect with ESG frameworks, driving organizations towards scalable and impactful contributions to environmental sustainability.

Discover how the integration of ESG principles with advanced technology solutions drives sustainability on a global scale. Gain insights into how these collaborations optimize resource allocation, bolster transparency, and empower data-driven decision-making processes across industries. Engage with thought leaders and industry experts to explore the pivotal role of technology in enhancing efficiency, accountability, and communication within sustainable initiatives.

Gain insights into how green finance and IT solutions drive global sustainability. Learn about the collaboration's role in fostering innovation and scalability, while engaging with industry leaders and experts. Position your organization as a force for building a greener future and contribute to the collective effort for a sustainable world.



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profile picture of Marc du Plessis

Marc du Plessis

Standard Bank

Executive Head - LookSee Platform

profile picture of Thibaut Nivelles

Thibaut Nivelles



profile picture of Peter van Hees

Peter van Hees


Innovation Manager, Ecosystems Team

profile picture of Julien Defosse

Julien Defosse

Amazon Web Services

AWS - worldwide banking lead

profile picture of Paolo Barbesino

Paolo Barbesino


Senior advisor


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