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Zagrebacka banka – the first 100 years, safety and trust since 1914

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11/09/2014 Banking Innovation


Innovation presentation

This year Zagrebacka banka, a member of UniCredit group, is celebrating its 100th birthday and wants to remind the public that it has been and will continue to be the best guardian of our belongings, even during a recession.

Zagrebacka banka has created a successful brand campaign and opened Time Vault for Croatian citizens – its own time capsule that will safeguard items and possessions for the next 100 years.

People were invited to leave something in the vault. Things could be sent via post, brought in personally or simply uploaded to the microsite (photos). The Time Vault microsite is the digital extension of the physical vault.

Each item in the gallery tells a personal story. Some are a reminder of a significant moment in life, some are a message for the generation to come, and some are just plain fun. The vault will safeguard thousands of stories for the future.

Zagrebacka banka has collected more than 4,500 items. The Time Vault has been locked and the timer has been activated. To be continued in 2114…

Uniqueness of the project

All citizens in Croatia, regardless of whether they are Zagrebacka banka clients or not, were invited to participate in the campaign. They were invited to bring their belongings in person but also send them virtually, such as by uploading their photos via the microsite vremenskitrezor.hr.

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