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Your Financial Advisor Web Tool

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08/09/2014 Banking Innovation


Your financial advisor is a web tool which helps customers find the most appropriate financial product and service according to his/her individual profile and needs in an easy, intuitive manner.

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Your Financial Advisor (YFA) is a modern and innovative site where current and potential clients can quickly and easily find a financial solution according to their specific needs. This unique tool helps customers navigate their way through the ocean of financial services and easily find the right solution for them. YFA changes the rules of product search, facilitating the consumer decision-making process.

With a few simple clicks of the mouse, customers can state their needs (buying a home/car, saving and planning for the future) and provide information around their personal preferences. Once they’ve done that, the system suggests the most appropriate product for the client together with detailed information and useful advice. YFA also allows the client to get individual offers and purchase remotely through an innovative selling processes that is embedded in the platform.

YFA is an extremely cost-effective way to deliver tailored banking services. Within a matter of minutes, it offers insight into financial decisions that might benefit the customer now or in the future. In addition, the site offers smart features – calculators and a financial encyclopaedia, as well as a powerful engine for financial planning called Golden Ages, through which the user can easily understand his/her future standard of living and put together an individual investment plan.

The system interface is designed according to the latest standards and trends in internet technology to ensure easy navigation. All information is presented in a simple and comprehensive way.

YFA is a universal tool which could be easily implemented in various markets worldwide. It provides clients with a totally new way to deep dive into the world of financial services in an intuitive and enjoyable way.

Uniqueness of the project

The system interface is designed according to the latest standards and trends in internet technology to ensure easy navigation. The information is presented in a simple and comprehensive manner, and customers define their need simply by selecting predefined profiles and/or answering short answers.

Innovative selling processes are embedded in Your Financial Advisor, aligning with UniCredit’s mission to deliver a multi-channel customer experience.

The new Golden Ages module is the first solution on the market that allows customers to understand their future standard of living and to create an individual investment plan. The aim is to give customers a practical view of their retirement options.

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