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07/02/2014 Banking Innovation


30-second loan is perhaps the fastest and most convenient loan in retail banking worldwide with cash delivered instantly to account for immediate use.

Innovation presentation

30-second loan provides customers with immediate access to additional money in less than one minute via both online and mobile channels, making the loan application as simple as it is to transfer funds from a savings account to a current account.

mBank aimed to create a process that would enable customers to obtain a loan whenever they need it in a way similar to making a purchase using Amazon’s 1-click option. To enable quick access to loans, the project team took advantage of its existing process of pre-approving loans. Customers with pre-approved loans can access a quick loan application form, where they can choose a number of instalments and the amount they want to borrow. To make it more convenient for customers who want a loan approved while they are shopping in a physical store, the application form is embedded within mBank’s new mobile banking application.

MBank’s 30-second loan application offers cash loans, overdraft increases and the option to repay loans in instalments by credit card.

Uniqueness of the project

• Unparalleled approval times: applications can be approved in 30 seconds, while the entire process between starting the application and gaining access to the cash lasts less than a minute

• Simple application: to make an application, the customer needs to provide the amount of money they want and say how many instalments they will need to pay it back. The app also gives the user access to more details about the loan agreement and pricing structure

• Mobility: the loan is available via online banking and mobile banking applications, providing access to additional money whenever the customer needs it, whether they are in a physical shopping centre, or online

• Relevance: mBank tailors the loan to the individual needs of its customers based on their previous transactional behaviour and financial history. Customers are provided with an amount and also a suggestion for the most suitable product, which could be a cash loan, an overdraft increase, a cash loan, or the option to repay credit card bills in instalments.

In-Depth Analysis

The Reason Behind

Typical loan process in Poland requires at least one visit to bank branch and delivery of required documents – certificate of employment or regular income. Several banks, including mBank, prepared quicker online loan process for customers with transactional history or regular income. Typically, the process takes between 5 and 15 minutes to receive additional money.

Even though the quick process was convenient and fully online, mBank team was still not satisfied with it. We started working on delivering a loan application experience similar to buying at Amazon with 1-click™. By placing the loan application in the summary of current financial situation, we enable customer to decide whether he needs additional money in his current financial situation. Mobile loan application provides instant access to cash while doing impulse purchases or noticing an unexpected shopping offer.


The project has significantly reduced loan application times, enabling customers to apply for a loan and receive money in less than a minute.

30-second loan is the quickest and most convenient way to obtain additional money and is comparable to the speed of shopping using Amazon 1-click, or transferring money from a savings to a current account.

Key Dates

  • Launch date 1 January 2014

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