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Emirates NBD CRM Cockpit application and Digital Form

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Emirates NBD

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Emirates NBD, a leading banking group in the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa and Turkey) region,...

15/09/2016 Banking Innovation


Emirates NBD is the first bank in the region to launch the next generation CRM Cockpit Application enabling all front end users to access all bank application in one single screen including processing requests in real time due to digital forms integration in CRM.

Innovation presentation

Although 80% of our transactions are done digitally, our customer base has increased by 30% year on year with customers still visiting the branches for their queries and requests. Having the largest branch network in the country, we are constantly launching innovations at the branches which allow our front line staff to provide superior customer experience while achieving high operational efficiencies.

In August 2016, Emirates NBD became the first bank in the region to launch next generation Siebel CRM application, ‘Cockpit Application’, enabling staff to access all the bank applications in one single view including accessing to digital forms.

Key highlights include:

The CRM Cockpit is integrated with all digital channels, core banking applications, including other products and service applications, the staff can view all the products/services taken by the customers and cross sell products and services which are eligible for the customer in real time. This request is sent via STP to the host application. In addition, the staff can view and process requests (service or product) including campaigns applied for, by the customer via different channels including website, thereby increasing sales.

The application also enables the bank on addressing our KYC and Compliance requirements, as staff can instantly identify and update customer information in real time CRM, proactively.

With the launch of the new application, we have digitized all our paper based request forms present in our branches, thereby strengthening the banks objective to go ‘Paperless’ and support the country’s ‘Smart City Initiative’ Hence once the staff enters the customer’s ID, the request form is pre-filled with customer information. The customer reviews and signs the request on the Tablet - which captures the biometric profile of the customer, providing enhanced security. The request is sent (processed) to the host application instantly via CRM.

Team worked with multiple stakeholders within the organisation which include -IT, Risk and Security, Group operations team, Multichannel and CRM, Branch and Products team , Legal and group compliance teams- and external vendors (detailed further) to launch the initiative within 9 months since inception.

With the launch of the new application, we have achieved to use technology to provide enhanced CRM capabilities to our branch staff thereby increasing their user experience (access to system in one single view).

In addition, we also achieved increased operational efficiencies with reduced processing time for requests, decrease in requests TAT, FTE savings, and removal of paper usage. Also we have provided the branch staff the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell products and services proactively in real time.

For customer’s we have provided increased branch experience by doing away with paper based forms, obtaining digital signatures and processing requests instantly. With the biometric profile capture on the Tablet we have been able to provide enhanced security.

Uniqueness of the project

Emirates NBD is the first bank in the region to launch advanced CRM Cockpit view enabling front line to access all the bank application via one single screen. The complete application is a one stop shop for front line users to access any application. Since the COCKPIT solution is available on our CRM platform, it gives staff 360 view of the customer profile, customer product portfolio, KYC information of customer, next best offer eligible for the customer and pending customer requests and complaints.

All the paper forms have been digitised inside CRM application as HTML forms. These forms are then shown and signed by the customers on a customer facing Tablet - which is unique- as it captures biometric profile of the customer-capturing the speed, angle, pressure and several other metrics making the complete transaction highly secure. This information can be later used as a FORENSIC proof in court of law in case of customer dispute.

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