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13/09/2016 Banking Innovation


Cutting edge mobile-first banking to disrupt the traditional banking customer experience.

Innovation presentation

In 2016, Capital Bank Kazakhstan launched B1NK, the new retail banking brand in Kazakhstan with web and mobile banking. B1NK has rolled out the first four sprints so far; and it's receiving great feedback from market and in media both locally and in Europe. Since the B1NK concept's launch in February (B1NK card + state-of-the-art mobile app + 24/7 customer support) it's attracted over 40 000 cards, which is actually six times faster than the regular client acquisition rate at a traditional bank. The app boasts one-of-a-kind notebook design and user interface developed based on thorough usability research results.

The features include:

- balance and history;

- personal finance manager;

- instant p2p payments via mobile phone number;

- bills and payments to 800+ service providers;

- mobile checkout at physical partner merchants;

- account opening.

Uniqueness of the project

The concept is built and constantly developed on principles of human-centered design and agile teamwork. The solutions are developed and iterated based on market feedback. The concept is strategically aimed at becoming the one destination for credit cards and p2p payments in the country, and boasts fastest time-to-market, as well as cutting-edge solutions.

In-Depth Analysis

The Reason Behind

Behind the new digital banking concept, B1NK, is a team of determined dreamers-and-doers with wide past experience in international banks like HSBC, RBS, Merrill Lynch. We at B1NK are deeply passionate about the overruling idea of positively disrupting the traditional banking industry and rebuilding the perfect customer experience in Kazakhstan. With smartphones gaining huge market and mobile broadband penetration at nearly 80%, the need to satisfy and untapped market of easy and secure money management was obvious, and it was a matter of time who would take the pioneering role.


With the launch of B1NK, that crystallizes the team's vision to create a new customer service realm in finance for our local client, it's been receiving the local market response and the international media recognition to prove the timeliness and demand for seamless service in personal finance. To name a few, Capital Bank was mentioned by as the fastest growing third-tier bank in the country; it was referred to as the most awaited banking product in Kazakhstan by Forbes; since 2014 the bank has been a proud partner of the legendary Arsenal Football Club in Central Asia and the CIS.

Since the B1NK concept's launch in February it has attracted over 40 000 cards, which is six times faster than the regular client acquisition rate at a traditional bank. The bank has shown 220% growth in assets, +297% in loan portfolio, and twofold increase in capital and net income.

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Key Dates

  • Launch date 15 February 2016

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