Qorus Banking Innovation Awards 2017

Digital online wealth management

12/09/2017 Banking Innovation


Easy access, low cost, simple to use online wealth management.

Innovation presentation

Binck Forward is an innovative, easily accessible wealth management service that allows everyone to define, visualise and track their financial aspirations. Binck Forward defines a customised growth path where investment risks are gradually reduced as a financial objective nears its completion.

Through automatic free of charge portfolio rebalancing and individualised recommendations, Binck Forward informs you how to stay on track towards your financial goal. Portfolios are mainly based on globally diversified, daily accessible, low cost index funds.

Clients enjoy an easy to use personal dashboard that visualises realised and expected returns for the lowest costs in the sector, with a starting investment of as little as €10.

In markets with low interest rates and deteriorating social security plans, Binck Forward's multi-asset model incorporates an innovative risk reduction strategy yielding more stable and attractive returns as a means to comfortably safeguard a healthy financial future.

Uniqueness of the project

Binck Forward enables clients to define an individualised client profile on the basis of which a customised portfolio of funds is created from leading asset managers, such as BlackRock, Vanguard and StateStreet. Fund allocation is optimised every quarter to match client objectives, while investment risks are gradually reduced as a goal nears completion.

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