06/07/2017 Banking Innovation


imaginBank is the first financial institution in Spain to launch a chatbot on Facebook. It allows users of the social network to check exclusive offers and discounts for customers interactively and is intended to increase the engagement of existing customers and attract new customers

Innovation presentation

New trends in artificial intelligence open up new options for relations with customers, especially those using imaginBank, many of whom are millennials interested in discounts and active in social networks. The bank's average customer is aged 25-35 and is a frequent user of Whatsapp, Facebook and instagram. We decided to concentrate on one of these networks and designed a bot linked to imaginBank's Facebook page, accessible from desktop computers and mobile phones, which would allow customers to check exclusive advantages and discounts more easily, with a view to increasing take up and customer engagement with the Bank.

When a user starts to chat on the page, the bot opens up and invites them to view the offers available. Users can choose from the options offered by the bot or enter simple commands, such as "help" to change from Spanish to Catalan or vice versa.

If users are interested in a particular category of offer ("restaurants", for example), they can subscribe to the category. The bot will then advise them of the new offers available each day.

The bot uses informal language so that the interaction is natural and pleasant. It is able to detect when the user greets it, thanks it or leaves, answering in a lively tone and using emoticons, a very familiar element of communication for the millennial generation.

In two months the bot has been used over 20,000 times and 25% of users have activated alerts to receive news of new promotions.

Uniqueness of the project

imaginBank's Facebook bot is the first launched by a financial institution in Spain which uses artificial intelligence to draw attention to the advantages of the bank. It is a radical innovation, but in line with our policy of always focusing on our customers and their lifestyle.

Moreover, it is:

• Intelligent: it recognizes queries in natural language and interacts with the customer in a friendly fashion via a Facebook chat.

• Open: it can be used by customers and non-customers alike.

• Easy to use: the bot organizes the discounts and advantages (there are over 100) in categories to make it easier to find information. It also allows users to ask direct questions.

• Customizable: it allows users to activate alerts in the categories that most interest them and inform them when new offers become available, personalizing the message according to whether they have indicated that they are customers or not.

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