23/09/2021 Banking Innovation


U-City is the first massive gamification initiative activated within UniCredit Commercial Banking Italy: it’s an online business learning game to enhance knowledge of our digital products and services. Thanks to the gamification approach, our colleagues increased their competences to become digital ambassadors to the customers. The project contributed to consolidate the proper digital culture in the workforce and to reach the customers’ digital adoption goals of the bank in a wider business-oriented program dedicated to Digital Transformation (digital mindset and culture, change management, upskilling)

Innovation presentation

U-City is a virtual city where UniCredit Commercial Banking Italy employees assess their digital skills and learn new competences. It’s an online game-based learning to boost digital transformation and enhance knowledge and awareness about the digital products and services of the bank.

This happens thanks to a gamification approach in a really engaging gameplay, where employees test and improve their competences in a quiz and face challenges with other players to earn points and prizes.

It’s a mobile app accessible via personal devices as well.

Employee participation to the game was impressive and it’s the proof that learning can be pleasant even when it’s about banking: in 100 days more than 2,500 colleagues generated over 150,000 challenges earning 3 billion experience points, 5,000 gadgets and digital stuff such as iPads, iPhones and Amazon vouchers.

The effectiveness from a learning point of view was able to consolidate the knowledge on the security of our digital channels, on the payment methods and on the advice we offer to customers.

The effectiveness is confirmed by data collected about answers correctness, which record a general learning growth of 19% throughout the game period and an increase, always significantly rapid, when a new campaign was launched and new questions were uploaded, such as +6% or +5,7% in two days for Speed Campaigns and +5,1% and +7,1% in two weeks for Thematic Campaigns.

Furthermore, the data shows a significant speed of learning, as the peak of correct answers was reached after just over a month of play, and a high level of learning with 98,6% of correct answers.

Uniqueness of the project

A massive gamification dedicated to employees with great results in terms of engagement, effectiveness and the merit of being launched in the financial sector, overcoming internal biases and issues.

It has been designed with a participative approach, involving a relevant number of employees in the project phase, starting from beta testing sessions.

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