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Kredit Multiguna Usaha (KMU)

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BCA - Bank Central Asia

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Ever since it was established in 1957, Bank Central Asia (BCA) has continued to grow. This...

02/10/2023 Banking Innovation


#BebasBangunUsaha is our slogan to demonstrate BCA’s commitment to support our customer in building and expand their businesses.

Innovation presentation

Kredit Multiguna Usaha (KMU) is one if our productive loan program that focus on the development of SME (Small Medium Enterprises) business in Indonesia. It launched on 2021 as BCA respond the market’s need about the flexibility loan with affordable interest rate. Therefore, BCA created the innovation of KMU with approximately 3% interest rate effective per annum and maximum 20 year of loan credit period.

BCA also gives the opportunity for our customer to choose KMU schemes (fixed rate up to 5 years) that suit with their business capacity. Quarterly, BCA also launch thematic campaign to support Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) such as Kartini’s Day to support women business through KMU Kartini (May-July).

Uniqueness of the project

- KMU has the affordable interest rate in 3%.

- The maximum of loan credit period up to 20 years.

- KMU offers credit schemes (fixed rate up to 5 years) so that the customer can fit with their business capacity.

- Thematic campaign that support Sustainable Development Goals (Gender equality/ Women Empowerment, Decent Work and Economic Growth & Reduced inequalities)

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