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The IoT-based Health Engagement solution that provides insurers with lifestyle data, and more!

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COVID, the catalyst

During COVID-19 in 2020, the WFH teams (and everyone else) struggled to stay active, manage their weight and get enough sleep. This would harm their mental and physical wellbeing, as well as their productivity and overall happiness. And we’ve all felt it.

However, CME’s purpose is to make people happier and healthier through technology. As a result, a group of engineers began developing an app, which would later be named INGO, that would reward the team with points for achieving personalized goals for steps, training time, active calories, sleep time and water intake! The app is compatible with major health trackers and is coupled with a CME proprietary smart water bottle. A team leaderboard was introduced to spice up engagement through some friendly competition.

The impact on the team was substantial: from April to September 2021, the number of people reaching their active calorie goals climbed by 38%, sleep hours by 58%, and training time by 67%. Users who met their step targets saw a -2% decrease, but the average number of steps per user rose by 144%.

We’ve come a long way since that spontaneous start. INGO has grown from a simple internal gamified app to a powerful lifestyle behavioral change tool and a way for insurers to build newfound capabilities using IoT-generated data. It’s all about reimagining insurance. And we’re so excited about it!

INGO, today

INGO is a behavioral change IoT- and gamification-powered solution that encourages users to adopt and sustain healthier habits and a more active lifestyle.

Insurers can use IoT-generated data to evolve from traditional statistical models towards behavioral-based models, gaining newfound capabilities to improve their underwriting process and fraud detection, offer more personalized products and experiences at scale, and expand their partnership ecosystem, all of which create new shared value for all stakeholders.

INGO solution is made up of:

1- A health engagement gamification mobile app

2- A smart water bottle

3- A marketplace

4- A business intelligence portal

5- Professional technology services

INGO solution has been submitted at WIPO for IP protection, International Application No. PCT/IB2022/000096. The solution is patent protected until September 2023.


• The app connects to the user’s health tracker (Garmin, Apple Health, Fitbit, Huawei Health) and to the INGO smart water bottle.

• Users can track their Steps, Active calories, Training time, Sleep time, and Water intake all in one user-friendly dashboard.

• Thanks to an embedded scientific algorithm, each user receives a personalized program with daily goals based on their age, BMI, and gender, as well as certain unique health conditions.

• When users reach their daily goals, they earn points that can be redeemed in the app’s marketplace for discounts, gifts, and experiences.

• To further boost motivation, users can create or join leaderboards where they compete with friends, family, and peers and share their progress, regardless of the health tracker they are using.

• The app is GDPR compliant, as well as U.S. Section 508 compliant for visually impaired people.


We designed a smart water bottle that solves the concerns that users had with smart bottles currently available on the market.

INGO smart water bottle:

• Simple to use, maintain and clean.

• Seamlessly connects to INGO app via Bluetooth.

• Battery can last up to 8 days on a full charge, and the battery level is shown via a LED indicator.

• Data is stored for 7 days.

• Extremely sturdy and durable.

• Requires a standard recharging cable (Type-C, included).

• Leak-proof.

• No need for calibration.

• The magnetic protective lid keeps the mouthpiece safe and clean.

• Highly accurate, counting only the water you actually drink.

• High-quality ergonomic design.


The INGO marketplace is included in the mobile app. It’s a chance for insurers to diversify their offering ecosystem and strengthen their value proposition in unconventional ways.

• Upselling and cross-selling services (ex: availing discounts on specific insurance products).

• Establishing a network of partners to further reduce risk-prone lifestyles (ex: discounts on healthy catering, gym memberships, outdoor activities etc.).

• Supporting insured business clients as well as extending to local communities by featuring their products and services.


Built on Microsoft Power BI, the INGO portal works in tandem with the INGO service to offer an end-to-end solution for insurers.

• Insights on users, their performance, claims data, expenditures, and budget.

• Data may be collected from multiple sources to create meaningful graphics.

• A mobile version of the dashboards will be developed to keep essential data within reach.

• The dashboards protect the confidentiality and privacy of personal data by not displaying or sharing it.

• General filters, such as Policy number, Plan code, Time-related filters, Disease, and INGO/Non-INGO users, are used to filter out all the data on the page.


CME, the company behind INGO, can help insurers leverage IoT-generated data by integrating the service with their core systems and incorporating the new data stream into their business and operational models. When tackled as a core transformation, enterprise-grade solutions are co-created to offer personalized customer experiences and tailored products at scale, streamlining operational processes, and ultimately improving decision-making capabilities and profitability.

Uniqueness of the project


• INGO is an IoT-based solution that provides insurers with lifestyle data. It has the power to deeply transform health and life insurers’ core business by using behavioral-based data, and gaining a better understanding of each customer.

• The INGO mobile app brings a gamified and all-inclusive user-friendly experience to the healthcare insurance industry to drive and sustain healthier habits and a more active lifestyle.

• The gamified approach (points & rewards) strengthens customer’s ties, acting as a loyalty and retention program for insurers.

• INGO is an all-in-one personalized program that integrates the water intake aspect, which is often overlooked or poorly addressed in major health and fitness apps.


• INGO IoT-generated data will benefit several areas, including the underwriting process, fraud detection, and more personalized and competitive offerings, to name a few.


• INGO is not bound by countries or markets.

• The solution can be offered to Employers as an Employee Wellness Program, and to Businesses as a Loyalty Program.

• The service can also be marketed as a B2C offering.

• The larger the market and product variations, the higher the economy-of-scale for all stakeholders.

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