Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards 2022- Nominated

Improving road safety with ANWB Safe Driving Data

11/01/2022 Insurance Innovation


ANWB Drive Safe event data makes it possible for local governments to assess road safety in data-driven way. ANWB provides behavioural insights that are mostly lacking in current traffic models. Therefore, this is a unique collaboration between local governments, commercial and advocacy parties in the Netherlands.

Innovation presentation

Dear members of the Efma Awards committee,

It is with great pride that we submit our ANWB Safe Driving Data project (ASDD) for the Efma-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards 2022.

As an insurance company of the ANWB, we are committed to improve road safety in the Netherlands in every way possible. And the ASDD enables us to do so with impact and result.

Our journey started in 2016, when we launched the ANWB Safe Driving Insurance. This connected driving insurance proposition rewards customers for driving safely by calculating a driving score. The driving score in turn leads to a discount on their premium.

In order to calculate the driving score, we measure speed, corner speed, acceleration and braking, providing us with the necessary parameters. In the past five years, more than 75.000 people became safe drivers. Together they drove more than a trillion kilometers, in which they not only improve their driving score, but also collected valuable data and insights about road safety in the Netherlands. The database enables us to see where certain types of events occur.

This data can be used by road managers to gain insights in dangerous roads, crossings or other traffic situations. In 2020 we did a pilot experiment with the city of Rotterdam. Their traffic department used our data to enrich their traffic model to make specific analysis of the city roads. The pilot was a success. Not only did the city find a number of dangerous spots, they had a clear idea what caused the problems and how the safety could be improved. It resulted in a range of improved traffic situations.

The success of the pilot encouraged us to make the data available to all road managers in the country. Cooperation with Rotterdam continues. In addition, as a product of this success, more and more governments are reporting that they would like to use the ANWB data. At this moment more than a hundred road managing organizations have acces to the ASDD. It truly is a unique collaboration between public, commercial and advocacy parties.

Uniqueness of the project

It truly is a unique collaboration between public, commercial and advocacy parties that has impact on road safety in the whole country. ASDD offers an unique piece of information in making correct road safety analyses. And by doing that, it makes an invaluable contribution to traffic safety.

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