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SightBit, an Israeli company, uses AI to detect and predict hazards in open water. This helps companies and organizations working in maritime environments to improve safety and efficiency.

Innovation presentation

SightBit is an Israeli company specializing in autonomous artificial intelligence systems for detecting and predicting hazards in open waters. SightBit’s technology improves safety and efficiency in maritime environments by providing real-time hazard detection, tracking, and risk assessment. By using simple video cameras, SightBit interprets the environment and alerts professionals to potential risks. The solution reduces dependency on human observation, expands autonomous capabilities, and integrates with existing technologies. SightBit addresses the challenge of monitoring dynamic open waters and enhances safety and security for organizations operating in these environments.

Sightbit works with the most accurate partners to bring its product to beaches all over the world.

So, what does it mean, a technology for prediction and prevention of drownings, which is also ecological and accessible? It started a few years ago, when Adam Bismut, SightBit's founder and late CEO, was at the Dead Sea. There, he witnessed an old man flipping on his stomach, getting stuck, and started suffocating from the water he inhaled. While this was happening, the lifeguard at the watchtower didn't even notice, since he was too far away and his attention was all caught up by other events occurring in other parts of the water. That's how he realized the lifeguard field isn't up-to-date at all when it comes to technology, and while lifeguards are devoted and talented people, it's not fair to expect them to handle everything on their own, as they are only humans and the human body has serious limitations.

Following this event, he set out on a mission to build an assistant to lifeguards. He started working on developing an A.I. solution to read the water. At first, he thought what he should focus on was the moment of drowning, but once he learned more about it he discovered that the moment of drowning is too late. Once a person starts drowning, they only have 20 seconds until they suffer severe brain damage for life, and if 30 seconds go by and that person hasn't been reached yet, they will surely die. 326,000 people die of drowning every year. To prevent that, Adam updated his mission - to save lives SightBit must learn to read the water. Only by reading the water carefully, analyzing its conditions, and detecting any occurrence in it will the system provide a real, substantive solution that will prevent drownings.

He recruited talented teammates, and together they worked to overcome the unique obstacles posed by water environments, especially the unique noises water produces that usually disturb the algorithm from being able to analyze data. Eventually, they were able to present a system that detects everything hazardous to people in water. Occurrences like rip-currents, vortexes and inshore holes, boats and vessels approaching, and finally "objects" in and out of the water. For the system, "objects", are people. We developed an algorithm that detects adults and children and can differentiate them based on size, without collecting any specific data about them so that we can protect anyone who comes to the beach from privacy violations. That way, SightBit's system understands people to be objects that it has to detect and provide alerts regarding to, but it can never know their sex, gender, age, or race. It can only know if they are small enough to be considered children and as such, to need extra attention. As we teamed up with cities across Israel that work to decrease drownings on their beaches, we learned that a lot of people drown in unmanned beaches, so we developed an automation capability that activates an autonomous speaker. Once SightBit's system detects people approaching the water in an unmanned beach, it activates the speaker to warn bathers that they are in an unmanned beach, while simultaneously alerting lifeguards at the closest dispatch that people are entering the water where no lifeguard is on duty.

SightBit's detection capabilities have proven efficient in search and rescue operations as well. If someone is going into the water at night, the system detects it and tracks the person, thus noticing if they have left the water or in which area they're located. Furthermore, the system is able to scan vast territories quickly and efficiently and detect missing persons in catastrophe areas.

Thanks to these capabilities, SightBit's system can provide security solutions to sites next to or in open water. The system's capability to scan, detect, track, and alert is already serving various end-users to secure sensitive locations and to prevent breaches and thefts from happening on their sites.

Uniqueness of the project

SightBit's uniqueness lies in its proprietary algorithms that overcome the challenges posed by open water and perform an accurate analysis of water conditions and occurrences in open water, using simple, off-the-shelf video cameras. SightBit's software is camera agnostic, easy to deploy, and cost-effective.

Competitive Advantage

SightBit Revolutionizes Marine Safety with Cutting-Edge AI System

SightBit introduces the world's first advanced marine environment detection model, harnessing the power of ordinary IP cameras to unlock groundbreaking insights. Unlike other systems, SightBit analyzes not just water conditions, but also currents, waves, and human/object movements with remarkable accuracy.

Here's what sets SightBit apart:

AI-powered precision: Our deep learning models extract valuable information from readily

available camera footage, delivering unparalleled environmental and activity awareness.

Cost-effective innovation: Say goodbye to expensive, specialized sensors. SightBit leverages existing infrastructure, maximizing value without breaking the bank.

Intuitive user experience: Our user-friendly interfaces empower you to manage operations seamlessly, minimizing reliance on external support.

Scalable & agile: SightBit processes data effortlessly in the cloud, using readily available services (AWS, Azure, Oracle) for global deployment without geographical limitations.

Proven success: Trusted by leading organizations like the Israel Electric Company, Tel Aviv Municipality, Dubai Municipality, Ashdod Municipality, the IDF, and other POCs in different locations worldwide, SightBit delivers demonstrably impressive results.

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