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GAMA - Generic Analytical Model Automation

12/04/2024 Insurance Innovation


Introducing GAMA: Fidelidade Group's breakthrough IDP solution, seamlessly blending back-end configurability with front-end ease. Accelerating document processing with lightning speed indexing and automation. Experience efficiency redefined.

Innovation presentation

Introducing GAMA - Generic Analytical Model Automation, the cutting-edge solution revolutionizing intelligent document processing for Fidelidade Group. Developed collaboratively by Fidelidade internal teams, GAMA addresses the pressing challenges encountered in document-driven analytical processing.

GAMA stands as a comprehensive IDP solution, boasting a unique blend of back-end configurability, front-end efficiency, and reusable input/output system integrations. At its core lies a singular back-office interface, empowering users to effortlessly configure document intensive processes, from defining fields and integration flows to seamlessly interfacing with analytical models. Any process can be configured independent of the line of business, geography or type of document.

Meanwhile, the intuitive front-end provides a user-friendly environment for document visualization, document restructuring, and manual indexing/classification, leveraging advanced OCR/ICR capabilities through its Annotator module.

But GAMA isn't just about simplifying processes — it's about turbocharging them. With a dual focus on acceleration and automation, GAMA enables lightning-fast manual indexing through intelligent recommendations, visual aids, and keyboard shortcuts. This allows for swift data extraction, even without a pre-existing analytical model, facilitating rapid model development post-indexing. On the automation front, GAMA harnesses analytical models to streamline the capture of structured data, delivering substantial efficiency gains. Moreover, its human feedback loop ensures model predictions are continuously refined, enabling quick model retraining and enhancement.

In essence, GAMA redefines document processing by seamlessly merging human expertise with cutting-edge automation. Whether we are aiming to accelerate manual indexing or automate data capture, GAMA empowers Fidelidade Group to unlock new levels of efficiency and agility in document processing.

Say goodbye to the bottlenecks of the past — welcome to the future with GAMA.

Uniqueness of the project

Several aspects make GAMA unique:

1) Comprehensive Approach / Product Mindset: GAMA offers a holistic solution for intelligent document processing, encompassing both back-end configurability and front-end efficiency. It reduces time-to-market of implementing a new document intensive process and it can be reused in any geography where Fidelidade is present.

2) Collaborative Development: Developed collaboratively by internal teams within Fidelidade Group, GAMA benefits from diverse expertise and insights, ensuring a robust and tailored solution.

3) Versatility: GAMA's flexibility allows it to adapt to various document-intensive processes, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases within the organization - Claims, Billing, ... - independent of the line of business.

4) Integration Capabilities: The solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems and workflows, leveraging reusable input/output integrations for enhanced efficiency.

5) Advanced OCR/ICR: GAMA leverages advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Fidelidade's own Analytical Model capabilities through its Annotator module, enabling accurate and efficient data extraction.

6) Dual Focus on Acceleration and Automation: GAMA prioritizes both speeding up manual indexing processes and automating data capture, offering a balanced approach to document processing efficiency. A new process with never seen documentation can have, right from the start, acceleration gains and as time progresses, through human feedback, we can deploy an automation capability based on a new analytical model. Fully transparent to the end-user. In the current processes being used in GAMA we are witnessing an acceleration between 35-70% on data extraction with high accuracy levels (human and machine symbiosis).

7) Continuous Improvement: With a human feedback loop and provisions for model retraining, GAMA ensures continuous refinement and enhancement of analytical models, keeping pace with evolving requirements and challenges.

8) Annotation Experts: By centralizing the manual extraction in an optimized front-end, our Annotator module, it allows the creation of a group of annotation experts and thus accelerating even more data extraction. Their feedback on the front-end capabilities or issues enables the development of new features that increases their performance.

9) Decrease Response Time to Customer: The acceleration of each process will allow the reduction of Fidelidade's response to our customer and thus increasing customer satisfaction.

10) Cost Efficiency: All of the aforementioned topics together contribute to a significant cost reduction, either by solely accelerating data extraction or by fully automating processes and reducing human intervention.

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