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MigdalCONNECT: Empowering Handheld End-to-End Insurance Distribution & Monitoring

18/04/2024 Insurance Innovation


Unleashing the power of our workforce, MigdalCONNECT revolutionized insurance on-the-go, empowering agents with more key info in the palm of their hand, at home, in the office, on the road, or anywhere else on-the-fly.

Innovation presentation

“MigdalCONNECT“ is an award-winning, hand-held, and people-focused, mobile insuretech platform that unleashes the power of human capital by delivering timely, customer-specific business intelligence combined with motivating dashboards that drive workforce achievement by transparently displaying how employees/agents are tracking to their goals and resultant commission incentives and tiered awards. This information, combined with sales promotions, leads, workflow automation, and more, is now available near-instantaneously on the go, in the office, and after-hours, resulting in increased workforce productivity as well as quicker customer responsiveness. Beyond just saving time that was previously wasted on hunting-and-pecking for this information, it is delivered in focused “bursts” that can be actioned and delegated more granularly and efficiently. The platform we developed (without needing any consultants) is so scalable we’ve already applied different tiers of it to: 1) direct sales, 2) our external partner agents, and 3) in-house supervisors monitoring compliance & performance. Each of these tiers is further being scaled up with additional features planned for release and a growing user base.



Our bold new tool resulted in a breathtaking and positive impact because time-to-value is near instantaneous:

1) Agents can instantly service their end customers on the go, including cases where an agent elects to respond to a client's request after hours, from the convenience of their phone. This augments productivity and delights customers with quicker access to benefits.

2) Consequently, this creates greater flexibility for agents in how they manage their own time.

3) Workforce motivation is increased because tasks are not just faster and easier to do, but there's also greater transparency to see how an individual’s efforts fit into their organization’s objectives—eg, where an individual ranks compared to their peers, how many more leads can be followed, and quota achieved and remaining by product and promotional offer.

4) This enhanced experience elevates our brand image with agents. They appreciate our platform's cutting-edge features and recognize our leadership in innovation.

5) Errors, wait times and turnaround times are all reduced.

6) Compliance is improved because standards are enforced, and supervisors have a tool to monitor and coach their workforce in an effort of continuous process improvement.



At the core of MigdalCONNECT is the commitment to real-time availability and all in the palm of your hand – a crucial market differentiator. The platform ensures that insurance agents can provide customers with essential information 24/7. The hand-held solution delivers a 360-degree view of the customer and facilitates the issuance and receipt of common documents. This accessibility empowers agents, putting the power literally at their fingertips, irrespective of their location.



MigdalCONNECT aims to seamlessly integrate crucial information into client interactions. It allows agents to drive their own work processes and those of their internal support team. This is especially important when agents are on the move or engaged in meetings, ensuring that significant tasks are visible and can be handled promptly, whether by Migdal or the agent’s back-office support team. The result is an advantage termed the “Migdal Advantage” through instant and seamless task creation/tracking.



The introduction of an attractive, interactive dashboard in the palm of employees’ hands is a key element of MigdalCONNECT. This dashboard facilitates the visualization of the impact of actions and their alignment with organizational goals. The clean user interface focuses on the user’s tasks, leads, and promotions concerning customers, which enhances focus and drives productivity. The emphasis on making tasks electronic reduces the need for printing, which further contributes to a delightful experience for the workforce. There are also aspects of gamification including “Top 10” performer standings.



MigdalCONNECT doesn’t just address technological needs but tackles the critical human factor on both the client and workforce sides by addressing challenges like information overload and clunky processes head-on. Distilling essential data in a succinct, intuitive, and pleasant manner, MigdalCONNECT shortens reading time and improves productivity, profitability, and morale.



MigdalCONNECT‘s choice of the IONIC platform reflects a commitment to simplicity and efficiency. The decision to opt for a web-based development approach using existing in-house skills resulted in a faster time-to-market. Overcoming the challenges posed by information overload and accurately capturing the user experience for different roles demonstrated a meticulous approach to technology implementation.



MigdalCONNECT is not just a visionary initiative; it comes with quantifiable success metrics and key performance indicators. Together with agents, supervisors, and direct sales staff, visibly accessing the platform more flexibly – in terms of both time of day and location across the country – the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), provide tangible evidence of the initiative’s bold impact on improving our organization:

• Time Saved/Day = at least 40 minutes. The application saves computer time as well as their own time by optimizing their work.

• Increase in # of Staff Achieving Goals to Target: = approx 17%. This is the increased attainment in the # of both supervisors and agents who are meeting their sales goals.

• Ever-growing user base and adoption rate.



Agent testimonials reveal the real human factor of MigdalCONNECT, as captured by the following words of praise the project team received from its end-users:

• “Feeling more excited about the day ahead.”

• “First thing I do in the morning is open the app.”

• “Accessible and convenient.”

• “I can check who are the leading agents in each product.”

• “I can target agents I might otherwise miss.”

• “Focus on how to reach the goal - what do I lack in each product.”

• “Mastering the products you are strong or weak in.”

• “Targeting which of the agents need to invest more and for which product.”

• “I see daily progress in an accessible tool instead of logging into all the systems.”

Uniqueness of the project

MigdalCONNECT was recently awarded the “Boldest FinTech” and the “Boldest Future of Work” Awards, officially recognizing its world-class embrace of mobile technologies, which are effectively secured to allow the exchange of private customer data, wrapped in a UI that provides: clarity of purpose, the ability to easily delegate via workflows, and leaderboards and gamification to incentivize productivity - this can all easily be done on the go, with just few minutes to spare, regardless of location... all from the convenience of a mobile device. This approach reimagines the future of remote work by empowering geographically-dispersed teams – both insurers' employees and agents – to collaborate seamlessly and maximize their productivity throughout the day. The application works on all mobile devices, Android and iOS.

When we came to choose a technology for the development of the application, we debated between alternatives of native development based on Swift and Java programming languages, and a hybrid alternative such as the React Native framework, combining Javascript + React. However, in the end, our MigdalConnect project mainly consists of an informational application with self-service capabilities, without the need for complex graphic capabilities. Consequently, we turned to IONIC, which proved to offer simple WEB-based development, enabling us to use the existing employee skills we had in-house which yielded a faster time-to-market.

Our company’s proven ability to effectively evaluate and select the optimal technology for each business initiative is a key ingredient in our “secret sauce” that continues to enable us to provide a fast and relatively inexpensive business solution.

We're proud to be the market leader in developing MigdalCONNECT. While a competitor has a parallel to our Agents View under construction, to our knowledge, there is no insurance company in the Israeli marketplace that has constructed a Supervisors View and Direct Sales View.

However, perhaps the greatest innovation within our own company was enabling rapid, hand-held, mobile access on the fly to getting things done even in bite-sized bursts of activity. This, in turn, involved overcoming information overload by distilling everything to its essence as it relates to a particular user’s role within the company and the specific task they were trying to achieve, all the while placing it in visual context of how their actions relate to both their targets and the company's goals - with specific sales leads, promotions, and reward incentives all wrapped in an attractive and motivating user experience.

In the last few months, we introduced the new claims page, added new actions to be performed from the application and launched the MigdalCONNECT application for direct customers. These continuous improvements and enhancements solidify our competitive edge in the market.

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