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The Locomotive of Digital Transformation: RPA Governance Project with Scrum Methodology

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14/05/2024 Banking Innovation


This project is designed to effectively manage and monitor Robotic Process Automation (RPA) processes within the organization.

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This project is designed to effectively manage and monitor Robotic Process Automation (RPA) processes within the organization. The main goal of the project is to accurately identify RPA demands, create projects suitable for these demands, operate SDLC processes under the Scrum methodology, record error records, and monitor and evaluate RPA studies in detail.. The first step of the project is to capture RPA requests. During this step, RPA requests from process owners based on identified RPA needs in process optimizations are collected through the developed system infrastructure. Subsequently, a scope document is prepared for the received request, and the requirements and operations desired with RPA in the request are examined, and the effort for the requested work is calculated. Then, technical analysis is conducted based on accepted requests to create RPA projects through the system, and these projects are brought into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) within the Scrum methodology. The RPA project is managed and developed within the framework of Scrum methodology and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) principles. In addition to this, recording error logs encountered in developed projects through the system is also a significant component of the project. Thus, errors occurring in RPA projects are recorded to prevent repetitions, tracked through the developed " RPA Error Records Tracking System," and analyzed to generate necessary solutions. Another phase of the project is to follow the RPA studies in detail. In this context, RPA projects and processes are monitored through a special "RPA Tracking System" and their performance is reported.

Monitoring living processes and robots' processing intensities is also an important component of the project. Therefore, with this project, current processes are monitored in real-time through the "Robotic Automation Monitoring Center", data are analyzed and performance optimizations and measurements are made.

Finally, there is the RPA monitoring and robot management phase of the project. At this stage, the instantaneous operating status and performance data of the robots are monitored and any malfunctions in the processes and robot machines are intervened instantly. In this way, service interruptions are managed and prevented in the processes.

The main factors that enable the implementation of this project are the strong cooperation and effective communication between the RPA team in our bank and the Process Management and Architecture team, the timely provision of appropriate technological infrastructure and resources, the team employees developing RPA having the necessary training and competencies in RPA and Scrum, continuous improvement and Elements such as regular operation of the project management process and provision of senior management support are included.

The opportunities and threats of Robotic Process Automation in the world and in Turkey were analyzed and benchmarks were made from the sector. Then, a road map in RPA was created by evaluating the financial performance, opportunities, risk analysis and technical suitability of RPA for our institution. The priority order for the project was determined according to the scope of analysis prepared for the RPA project, added value and cost. Organizational structuring of RPA in the institution was determined, team was established, process flow design and other system infrastructures were prepared.

In RPA, the system provides cost and capacity benefits at a lower cost and in a shorter time. For example, as a result of the survey conducted with business units using RPA in the organization, 76% stated that they were satisfied.

Uniqueness of the project

The most important thing that makes our project unique is that the entire process is carried out within a standard process flow and through the system. This increases the success of the project in sustainability and the cost/time savings in workforce. In addition, user feedback is received from users through the "Closing Approval" in the studies carried out within the scope of the project, and the results are used to measure the success of the project. The progress of the project is monitored through the "Robotic Automation Monitoring Center", "RPA Error Records Tracking Board" and "RPA Tracking Board". In addition to all these, Sprint Review and Retrospective meetings are held to monitor the project's achievement of business goals.

The most innovative aspect of the project is that the management of product/service requests within the scope of the project is carried out through the system.

This project represents an incremental innovation and makes significant contributions to the digital transformation process in our bank. It also increases efficiency and cost savings in business processes in our bank.

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