In pursuit of profitability: Insights on why and how to engage mass affluent consumers

05/07/2022 article
Hubert Petka RFI Global Global Head of Consumer, Digital and Segment for data-driven strategic insights provider

The mass affluent – defined here as consumers with liquid assets of at least USD 100,000 – represent a key target cohort for banks around the world. Your ability to successfully compete in this segment and win market share is critical to driving profitability. Mass affluents are a highly coveted segment for their overall higher product holding and how they generally tap into your most lucrative financial products: investments and home loans.

RFI Global’s ongoing research into this audience digs into what makes them tick and what they really value from their financial providers. If you want to unpick what drives mass affluent consumers to choose one financial services partner over another, read on as I reveal highlights of our recent data

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