Open Finance Community Payment challenge: Libeo

Open Finance
17/11/2022 interview
Pierre Dutaret Libeo CEO & Co-Founder

Qorus and Capgemini have identified the leading fintech companies for the payment challenges they organize for the Open Finance Community. One of them is Libeo and its co-founder and CEO Pierre Dutaret tells us more about it.

About Libeo
Libeo is the best business-to-business bill payment platform for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe. Laser-focused on accounts-payable and accounts-receivable automation, Libeo has convinced more than 200,000 businesses today and operates all across Europe.

What business problem do you solve? Why is it important to your clients? 

We help businesses centralize, process and pay bills.

Can you shortly describe your product or solution and in which countries do you operate?

We operate in the EU and UK. Libeo enables companies to easily centralize bills, approve them as a team, and pay them, from any bank and in one click. We make bill payments easy, safe and secure.

What is your core value proposition? What are the unique features you offer to your customers? 

Automated, flexible workflows and one-click payments.

Providing that your solution has already been implemented in financial institutions, which companies have already adopted this solution?

All types of SMBs and banks.

Can you describe in a few words one of these collaborations (What was the objective? What were the main challenges? What results did your client obtain thanks to the implementation of your solution?)

Libeo has been integrated by most influential and established accounting software companies (e.g. Intuit QuickBooks) and banks (e.g. BNP Paribas, the leading bank in the Eurozone).

What is your business model and how easy is it to duplicate to additional geographies? 

We use a subscription model. There’s no barrier to deployment in Europe/UK.

Where do you see your fintech company in five years? What impact or difference are you trying to achieve for financial institutions in your portfolio?

We aim to establish the number one[L3]  bill payment system in Europe/UK, fully integrated with any major financial institution.

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