KBank launch the POLICE PLUS App

22/11/2022 News

Police General Hospital and KBank have teamed to launch the POLICE PLUS application, using state-of-the-art technologies to pave the way for a ‘new normal’ medical care while also enhancing efficiency in providing medical services for more than 450,000 patients per year.

The POLICE PLUS application is intended to be user friendly so that users can instantly access key medical services by themselves via the application, including doctor’s appointment, NHSO medical benefit checking, payment and online medical treatment. This application is also intended to ease crowding at the hospital, reducing patient waiting times and the burden of medical personnel. New medical services will be featured in this application in the future.

Pol. Gen. Dumrongsak Kittiprapas, Commissioner General, said, “The current collaboration with KBank in this important project will help promote Police General Hospital to become a police medical institution that offers comprehensive and quality medical services for the public.”

Pol. Lt. Gen. Sopnarush Singhajaru, Surgeon General, said, “Police General Hospital is a 650-bed hospital and offers medical services to hundreds of patients per day. Presently, the hospital accommodates 180,000 patients per year on average. KBank has used its technological expertise in the development of the POLICE PLUS application, which not only allows patients to use digital health services, but also lets Police General Hospital bolster its efficiency in accommodating more than 450,000 patients per year, thus offering greater convenience for patients and enhancing operational flexibility for our medical personnel.”

Ms. Kattiya Indaravijaya, Chief Executive of KBank, said that KBank intends to use its expertise in digital technology and platform development in improving medical service systems of various agencies. KBank has previously teamed with several other large public hospitals in their development of digital service systems and applications with the aim of providing more convenience for service users and minimizing limitations in healthcare systems to cope with rising demand, the aging society and newly emerging diseases that may occur in the future. In addition, such technological development will spur new services as part of the introduction of a ‘new normal’ medical care to improve the quality of life for the general public in the long term, in line with KBank’s commitment in creating a sustainable society. 

“Development of the POLICE PLUS application of Police General Hospital is composed of three cores in response to the requirements of both service users and service providers, namely: 1) setting up of infrastructure to relay data from the Hospital Information System (HIS) to display on the POLICE PLUS application in an accurate and swift manner, thus speeding up operational processes and saving time; 2) promotion of accessing hospital services via the user-friendly application, which users can do by themselves with ease whether in or outside the hospital; and 3) linkage of payment systems and financial services, for which other features will be more extensively developed, in order to ease the burden on medical personnel”, said Ms. Kattiya. 

Nine key features of the POLICE PLUS application to facilitate service users of Police General Hospital include: 

• Medical benefit checking service: This feature, which is linked with the database of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), allows users to check their entitlements for medical treatment under the three healthcare schemes, namely Universal Health Coverage (known as the Gold Card), the Social Security Scheme and the Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme. 

• Appointment service: This feature allows users to make hospital appointments. It shows appointment details including currently scheduled appointments, and sends notifications to obtain a service code on the app from home or elsewhere before arriving at the hospital. 

• Hospital queue checking service: This feature notifies queue numbers and steps in receiving medical services of each clinic at the hospital. 
Payment service: Bill payment can be made via K PLUS, Thai QR Code scan, credit and debit cards. 

• Medical treatment registration service: This feature allows users to register, in the case of not having an appointment in advance, in order to receive medical treatment in the hospital system properly. 

• Online medical treatment via telemedicine: This feature is suitable for users who have received medical treatment and need follow-up care, or who can get a remote diagnosis from their doctors, forgoing hospital visits. Users can also receive their medication via postal mail. 

• Donation service: This feature offers users convenience in making donations to the hospital to allow further developments and improvements. 

• News service: This feature provides news of the hospital and useful health-related information for the public. 

• Map service: This feature provides location details of clinics, food courts and various stores at the hospital. 

The POLICE PLUS application is now available for download.

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