NewTech Friday: RegTech Datahub - Helping companies improve their regulatory data efficiency

Open Finance
20/01/2023 Interview
profile picture of Lars Christiansen

Lars Christiansen

RegTech Datahub


Danish startup RegTech Datahub is one of the five winners of the fourth edition of the LHOFT Catapult: Kickstarter program. Its CEO, Lars Christiansen, tells us about his solution that delivers static master data to financial institutions to help them fulfill their regulatory obligations.

What led to the creation of RegTech Datahub?

RegTech Datahub is a spinoff from a consulting firm Capital Market Partners. Working with regulatory reporting for a number of clients within EMIR, MiFID and Solvency, we discovered a way to get data for regulatory reporting from the public domain that covers the needs of our clients. 

By investing time and knowledge into analyzing and building a solution we discovered there was a market for this where we have much more attractive pricing than the large competitors, better quality, and a cloud ready solution with no limits on the usage within an organization.

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