NewTech Friday: – Pioneering online car parking deals in Hong Kong

17/11/2023 Interview
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Josh Wong


Josh Wong, CEO of, explores their journey from a car park operator to a pioneering online platform revolutionizing the way people rent and buy parking spaces in Hong Kong.

What led to the creation of

We were once a carpark operator. When our customers moved houses or offices, they came to ask us if we had another parking location on the other side of the city. Over time, we thought that creating a website to list all our carpark locations would save us time in answering all these enquires. We then created a website to solve this problem.

Then we had enquiries from customers to check if they can book a monthly parking space at our locations online. Subsequently we created a mechanism to allow customers to book monthly parking online.

We soon discovered that there was a demand for not just our own parking locations, but parking spaces all over the city. To fulfil this demand, we created a new website, and was born in December 2009.

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