Bank Saqu: Astra Financial and WeLab's digital solution for solopreneurs

SME Banking
27/11/2023 News

Astra Financial, in collaboration with WeLab, has unveiled Bank Saqu, a revolutionary digital banking service designed to meet the unique needs of solopreneurs in Indonesia. Operated by PT Bank Jasa Jakarta, Bank Saqu represents a strategic move to drive growth and innovation in the country's financial technology sector.

The launch event, attended by key figures including Prijono Sugiarto, President Commissioner of PT Astra International Tbk., and Simon Loong, Founder & Group CEO of WeLab, marked a significant milestone in Indonesia's digital banking landscape.

Bank Saqu is tailored for the solopreneur segment, encompassing young entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, and full-time employees engaged in side hustles. The digital banking service offers an intuitive tool allowing users to create up to 20 customized pockets for managing side-hustle income, expenses, savings, and financial goals.

Suparno Djasmin, Director of Astra and Director-in-Charge of Astra Financial, highlighted the importance of Bank Saqu in providing prime financial services for retail and SME segments, contributing to societal welfare.

Simon Loong expressed excitement about expanding tech-driven financial services into Indonesia, aligning with WeLab's strategic focus on delivering innovative solutions.

Bank Saqu introduces several innovative features, including Saku (Pocket) for customizable financial management, Busposito (Social Savings Product) leveraging community power for higher interest rates, Tabungmatic (Round-Up Saver) to effortlessly boost savings, Rewarding Missions for earning bonuses, and Saku Booster (Rewards Pocket) for storing cashback with a higher interest rate.

With the combined strengths of Astra's extensive ecosystem and WeLab's technological expertise, Bank Saqu aims to redefine how solopreneurs manage their finances, offering not just products but also emphasizing financial education and a seamless user experience. The digital banking service is poised to make a significant impact in Indonesia's digital financial services landscape.

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