NatWest unveils board game to educate on modern scams

12/12/2023 News

NatWest introduces "All Mod Cons," a family-friendly board game aimed at demystifying conversations around family finances and educating the public about modern scams, just in time for the holidays. Launched with a festive campaign featuring Jeff Brazier and his son Freddie, the game encourages open discussions about scams during the festive season.

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06/03/2023 Study

Innovation radar: Financial literacy for kids

Research by NatWest reveals a 41% increase in purchase scams in the last four months of 2022, with 17% of British adults reporting more scam approaches during Christmas. Despite the prevalence of scams, 42% of British adults admit to rarely or never discussing fraud and financial scams at home.

"All Mod Cons: The Board Game" accommodates 4-6 players navigating the board while aiming to hold onto their money and avoid encountered scams. Drawing on NatWest data, the game includes real-life scam stories to equip players with essential information on detecting, avoiding, and reporting scams.

Highlighted scams include phishing, vishing, and smishing scams (37%), impersonation scams (21%), and refund scams (13%). Christmas is identified as a busy time for scammers, with 17% of British adults reporting increased scam approaches during the festive season.

Despite the serious consequences of falling for scams, 42% of British adults admit to rarely or never discussing fraud and financial scams at home. "All Mod Cons" aims to break down conversational barriers, making fraud and scams a family topic during the festive season.

Jeff Brazier, TV personality and campaign ambassador, emphasizes the game's role in combining the Christmas tradition of playing board games with learning about fraud and scam prevention. Copies of "All Mod Cons: The Board Game" is available to play at selected NatWest branches.

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