Elevating insurance practices: Qorus and Allianz Partners set the stage for Embedded Insurance Community

Embedded Insurance
17/02/2024 Article

In a pioneering move set to reshape the insurance landscape, Qorus and Allianz Partners are launching the Embedded Insurance Community. The initiative kicks off on 29 February with an inclusive online event open to all industry enthusiasts.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with industry leader Allianz Partners for Embedded Insurance community, reflecting our commitment to the evolving landscape of financial services. Embedded Insurance stands at the forefront of this transformation, promising to unlock new horizons and underline the significance of this domain. Through a series of targeted initiatives, we aim to enhance our service to our members and bring to light the latest developments and insights in this exciting field," said John Berry, CEO of Qorus

“Embedded insurance is not just about protecting assets, it's about empowering businesses to innovate fearlessly, knowing that risks are managed seamlessly. It's the invisible force driving the future of commerce, where every transaction becomes an opportunity for growth and resilience whilst allowing customer to transact safely and at ease,” said Jean-Marc Pailhol, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships and Board Member at Allianz Partners.

Embedded Insurance
29 Feb 2024
29/02/2024 Coffee

InsurTech unleashed: Navigating the future with embedded insurance

Why this community?

The Embedded Insurance Community is a collaborative space for co-creation, inviting members to collectively shape the future of embedded insurance. The community will tap into insights from Allianz Partners' R&D center, offering practical solutions to drive initiatives forward. The format includes dedicated community events designed to foster alliances and co-create partnerships.

Who should join?

The Embedded Insurance Community extends a warm invitation to high-level professionals including C-level executives, heads of customer experience, EVPs, SVPs specializing in strategy and innovation, chief sales officers, and leaders in embedded finance or mobility within the financial services sector. Additionally, we welcome participation from third-party entities actively engaged in the distribution or exploration of distributed insurance products and services, including leasing companies and rental car companies.

Key topics for 2024

The community will focus on four key themes, each with specific regional targets and readiness levels:
Mobility insurance
Travel insurance
Cyber insurance
Health insurance

Plenty of meetings already planned for 2024

The Embedded Insurance Community is set to host a sequence of meetings, aiming to cultivate in-depth discussions, networking opportunities and collaboration among its members. Notably, four physical gatherings are slated to take place in Vienna, Lisbon, Dubai and Bangkok, each honing in on specific topics. In tandem with these on-site events, the community will conduct four webinars throughout the year, kicking off with the inaugural launch webinar on 29 February. These initiatives are geared towards establishing a dynamic platform for substantial engagement and knowledge exchange within the Embedded Insurance Community.

Join the community!

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