Ozan teams up with Fingate.io to offer instant shopping loans

SME Banking
26/02/2024 News

Ozan Electronic Money Institution (EMI) has partnered with Fingate.io to introduce "Ozan Kolay Kredi" (Easy Loans), an innovative product aimed at enhancing financial accessibility for businesses and consumers.

This embedded loan product seamlessly integrates with Ozan's payment solutions, allowing businesses to offer shopping loans to customers directly through the checkout process. Customers shopping at online stores using Ozan's payment solutions can apply for loans from partner banks, with competitive rates and instant approval, eliminating paperwork and providing convenience.

Through collaboration with Fingate.io, Ozan ensures a fast and integrated credit experience. Fingate.io's digital infrastructure streamlines the entire loan process, from application to approval, saving users valuable time and simplifying access to financing.

Dr. Ozan Ozerk, founder of Ozan EMI, highlights the power of embedded finance in transforming the financial landscape, offering not only financial flexibility but also instant access to shopping loans where and when they're needed.

Ozan EMI CEO Ömer Suner emphasizes the solution-oriented approach behind Ozan Kolay Kredi, addressing the pressing need for shopping loans in today's financial ecosystem, providing member businesses with a valuable tool to enhance financial access and flexibility for their customers.

Alper Akcan, CEO of Fingate.io, stresses the collaborative effort to drive financial innovation forward, creating user-friendly solutions that meet industry needs, positioning Ozan Kolay Kredi as a testament to their commitment to accessible financial services.

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