Alipay's AI revolutionizes Chinese new year with 600 million interactions

Digital Reinvention
26/02/2024 News

Alipay's Five Fortune campaign lit up the Chinese New Year with an astounding 600 million interactions, thanks to its pioneering AI features. Running from January 29th to February 9th, users eagerly embraced the digital festivities, collecting digital Five Fortune cards within the Alipay app.

Digital Reinvention
23/03/2023 Study

Innovation in Retail Banking 2023

This year, Alipay introduced four innovative AI-powered experiences that redefined the festive spirit. The "AI Theatre" feature allowed users to star in iconic film scenes by uploading their photos, generating 2.3 million personalized clips. Meanwhile, the "AI Fortune Hunt" challenge captivated users, with over 100,000 AI-generated images hiding the Chinese character for "Fu" (Fortune). The hunt led to the discovery of over 2.9 billion "Fu" characters, sparking excitement and engagement.

Breaking down geographical barriers, the "AI Photo Studio" facilitated virtual gatherings, enabling users to create shared memories with customizable group photo templates. Additionally, the "AI Red Packets" feature provided a modern twist on the tradition of giving red packets, allowing users to personalize digital red packets with video covers featuring their avatars.

Since its inception in 2016, the Five Fortune campaign has become synonymous with Chinese New Year celebrations, offering users various ways to collect digital fortune cards symbolizing good wishes. With the integration of these cutting-edge AI features, Alipay continues to redefine how we celebrate and connect during this joyous time.

Alipay's AI revolution has transformed the way we usher in the new year, seamlessly blending tradition with technology. As we embrace the digital age, Alipay ensures that the spirit of the new year remains vibrant and inclusive, uniting users in celebration regardless of geographical boundaries.

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