Bank of America streamlines digital experience with unified mobile app

Digital Reinvention
25/03/2024 News

Bank of America has embarked on a significant digital transformation with the launch of its updated mobile app, aimed at revolutionizing how clients manage their finances. The update consolidates five separate apps – Bank of America, Merrill Edge, MyMerrill, Bank of America Private Bank, and Benefits OnLine – into one cohesive platform, providing clients with a seamless and personalized digital experience.

Nikki Katz, Head of Digital at Bank of America, emphasized the bank's commitment to innovation, stating, "Our mission is to continuously innovate and evolve our digital capabilities to provide best-in-class solutions for all of our clients." The unified app brings together banking, investing, and retirement functionalities, offering clients a comprehensive view of their financial lives.

Key features of the updated app include:

• Personalized financial overview: Clients can now access a streamlined Accounts Overview, offering a summary of their accounts across banking, investing, and retirement.

• Comprehensive digital tools: The app houses Bank of America's suite of digital solutions, including Life Plan and the Net Worth Estimator Tool, tailored to each client's financial needs.

• Payments and Transfer hub: Clients can conveniently manage bill payments, account transfers, and wire transfers, all from one location within the app.

• Expanded money transfer capabilities: Clients can now send domestic and international wire transfers in over 140 currencies to 200 countries directly from the mobile app.

These enhancements come amid a surge in digital engagement, with Bank of America clients digitally connecting with their finances a record 23.4 billion times last year, marking an 11% increase year-over-year. Additionally, more than 19 million clients actively engage with Erica, Bank of America's virtual financial assistant, further streamlining the financial management process for users.

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