Innovation Masters: Banks at the forefront of women's business empowerment

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15/04/2024 Article
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In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of empowering female entrepreneurs in driving economic growth and promoting gender equality. Recognizing the significant role that women play in the business world, some banks have stepped up to provide support and resources tailored to their specific needs.

One key reason why banks are focusing on helping female entrepreneurs is the acknowledgment of the gender gap in access to financial services and capital. Historically, women have faced greater challenges in securing funding and accessing resources necessary to start and grow their businesses. By addressing these barriers, banks can help level the playing field and unlock the full potential of female-led businesses.

Banks are offering a range of initiatives to support female entrepreneurs, including specialized loan programs, mentorship opportunities and networking events. These programs not only provide financial assistance but also offer guidance and support to help women navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. By fostering a supportive environment and providing tailored resources, banks are empowering female entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed in the business world.

Below is a selection of innovative projects empowering female entrepreneurship, submitted for the Qorus Banking Innovation Awards in recent years by KCB, NBK, Maybank, Bradesco, Banco Pichincha and UniCredit. 

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